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After her chat with Applejack that evening,  That's what I'm here for by Baron-Engel Applebloom got a good night's sleep in my Equestria dreamscape. Rising before dawn with the rest of her family the filly had her morning chores finished before Granny Smith rang the triangle bell calling the household to breakfast.

    Since everypony had either work or school that day breakfast was not a casual affair. Food was consumed in an efficient fashion so the business of the day could commence. Still there was time for conversations as the family discussed what their plans were for the day.

    Applejack was smothering melted butter and honey on a warm buttermilk biscuits when she spoke up.

    "Ya know Applebloom, I've been thinking a bit what we all discussed last night. And I have an idea fer what ya might want ta do with Stone Mane when he comes ta town!"

    Applebloom was focused on acquiring another piece of french toast from the warm platter. She then proceeded to spoon a healthy dollop of stewed cinnamon apple compote on to the toast. She finished it off by liberally dusting the toast with powdered sugar. With this task accomplished she could finally give her sister her undivided attention.

    "What would that be sis?" She got this sentence in before she stuffed a forkful of toast in her mouth.

    AJ swallowed her mouthful of biscuit and then took a swig of coffee. "Well Stone Mane will be arriving the day the Founders Market and Fair start. There will be all kinds of stuff he probably hasn't seen; being he's from Baltimare. And in the evening there'll be a fireworks display!"

    Granny Smith nodded her head as she scooped another fried egg onto a biscuit and then smothered it with mushroom gravy. "That's dern fine idea Applejack! And it starts on Friday so ya kin stay up late squirt en ketch them firewerks!

    "Thut sunds lik!" The filly paused and swallowed her food before trying again. "That sounds like a great idea!"

    With breakfast consumed, teeth brushed and dishes washed, the little filly grabbed her panniers and lunch and then bolted out the door for school. As was part of her morning ritual she walked to school with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. As they trotted along Applebloom briefed her friends about her plans for Stone Mane's visit.

    "Oh I bet he'll totally love the fireworks!" Exclaimed Scootaloo!

    "I think it sounds wonderful!" Squeaked Sweetie Belle. "So what are you going to wear for the fair? You'll want to look your best for him!"

    Applebloom's stride slowed a little as she mentally digested Sweetie Belle's comment. "Oh horse apples! Muttered the earth pony. That's right I've outgrown the dress I wore last year! And Granny won't have the time ta sew me a new one! What'll I do?"

    Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. "Oh no! What will we ever do! I wonder if there is anyone else in town who could possibly make you a new dress in time?" She then stared Applebloom with a deadpan expression. "Really?"

    AB blushed and got a sheepish grin. "Oh yeah! Um, Sweetie do ya think we could drop yer sister's shop after school?"

    It was after 3 when the CMC stepped through the front door of Carousel Boutique causing the little bell over the door to chime. From a back stockroom Rarity's voice could be heard.

    "I'll be there in just a minute!" True to her word the Element of Generosity came trotting into the showroom a minute or so later. Her stride slowed a bit when she saw it was her little sister and her friends.

    "Hello girls. What may I do for you?" The mare was smiling but it was also obvious that she was in The Zone and she didn't have time to chit chat.

    Applebloom started to open her mouth when Sweetie jumped in. "Rarity we've got an emergency! Applebloom's coltfriend is coming all the way from Baltimare to go on a date with her! He's going to be here for the Founders Fair and Applebloom has no dress to wear! It's a disaster and we need your help please!"

    The earth pony just stared dumbfounded at her friend for several seconds.

    "WHAT!" She finally said.

    Scootaloo rubbed the back of her neck. "I know Sweetie let's her imagination get the best of her sometimes, but it sure sounds like this Stone Mane is serious about you Applebloom."

    AB was trying to decide whether to punch Scoot when a high pitch squeal garnered her attention. She'd forgotten that Rarity was standing right there. Before she could react she felt the mare's levitation reach out and yank her off the floor. Suddenly she was hanging in the air with her face just inches away from that of Ponyville's resident fashionista. Rarity's usually refined, sophisticated demeanor was replaced with the same big, stupid grin her little sister had most of the time.

    "Is it true?! You have a coltfriend who's coming all the way from Baltimare to see you?!" Asked the mare. "How did you two meet?!"

    Applebloom once again began to explain the situation when Sweetie interrupted her for a second time.

    "They met in Dream Realm sis! Applebloom been seeing him in her dreams several times a week!"

    "Yeah Princess Luna set the whole thing up so they'd meet! Gave the colt her address and everything." Said Scootaloo.

    "WILL YA TWO JUST SHUT YER PIEHOLES!" Roared the earth pony.

    "Are you saying that you didn't meet some colt from Baltimare. That he isn't coming to Ponyville to see you?" Rarity said rather cooly. "That Princess Luna didn't arrange you for you to meet him in the dream realm?"

    Applebloom let out a long, suffering sigh. "No. Princess Luna did arrange for me ta meet him. And I think of him as a friend, but reason she did it in the first place was so I..."

    Applebloom, still in the clutches of Rarity's levitation suddenly found herself being twirled around the room as the mare started pirouetting taking the filly along for the ride. After a few seconds the room stopped spinning and once again she found herself staring into the mare's slightly goofy, manic face.

    "Applebloom! Do you realize what an amazing thing this is! If at your age a princess had personally arranged for me to meet a colt in the Dream Realm I would've been swept away. That's so romantic! Sweetie is right! You need an expert's advice, and I'm the perfect pony for the job! Have no fear Applebloom, I'll will create a dress for the historic occasion that will sweep this colt off his hoofs! Now let's get to work!"

    With that declaration Rarity turned and trotted off to her workshop with the little filly still floating in tow. Sweetie and Scootaloo looked at each other and followed. Applebloom over her shoulder and down at them.

    "I am so going ta even with ya two fer this!"

    Her friends giggled.

To be continued.

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I love how Sweetie's mimicking her sister in the image. :D