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Almost Ready

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A moment from one of my Anthro MLP dreamscape variants. In that setting Rarity and her family are all genies Studio Shoot by Baron-Engel, Wanting More by Baron-Engel

Vintage Year by Baron-Engel who hire their services out various potential clients.

     The stopper of the ornate bottle popped out and landed on the floor. Suddenly a great cloud of light violet and pale mauve smoke floated out then arced down flowed across the floor. Quickly it pooled and coalesced into a grownup, anthro Sweetie Belle lying on her belly. The mare is wearing a pair of thigh-high, black leather boots and long gloves of similar black leather.   She looks back over her shoulder and smiles. 

      "Oh hi!" She says. "I'm almost ready to go. Give me a few  more minutes and we'll head out. I've called the restaurant and we still have our reservations for 9pm." 

      Then she smiles and then slowly turns back to smoke. The smoke rose back up into air and then flows back into her bottle.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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K4nK4n's avatar

Miss Squishy Bum.

Baron-Engel's avatar

Not too squishy.

Not too firm..

Not too soft...


Baron-Engel's avatar

Just very, very spanky and squeezy.

Is Sweetie addressing you, Baron, or her date?

Baron-Engel's avatar

She’s addressing her date.

They must have been dating a while as it appears he is fine with seeing Sweetie nearly nude, only wearing leather gloves and boots that accentuate her sexiness. If they had been in the first number of dates, he would be embarrassed at seeing her nearly nude.

Who wants to see sexy djinni Cookie Crumbles and djinni Hondo Flanks too?

siberian502's avatar

*wakes up on floor ten minutes later*

*Baron's Sweetie Belle still on monitor*

*Passes out again*

Unbelievable work, what a great plot.

Baron-Engel's avatar

She’s an elegant being.

AceWissle's avatar

Reminds me of several of your Vipera pics, particularly this one:

Could you add in the name of the piece to help us in searching it ourselves, please?

TheOtterPony's avatar

The picture itself is the link.

It's not working for me, though.

TheOtterPony's avatar

Ah, does this work?


It's working, thank you.

Isenlyn's avatar

she's not best CMC for nothing.

Baron-Engel's avatar

Rarity would agree with you.

Daralydk's avatar

that is perfect derrière

she is definitely Rarity's kin

Baron, in your anthro MLP Dreamscapes, does anybody let Sweetie Belle cook for them?

Neoky28's avatar

Sweetie is such a tease 🤣

madbadger42's avatar

So, if you rub her bottle, youll get a wish?

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