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So this is the finished piece I've been working on, and yes I plan to offer prints of this one especially at Bronycon. Along with just wanting to do a Wonderbolts picture I also used this piece to explore a problem I have encountered in the past.

    There has been several pieces, usually involving Vipera Vixen, where in the process creating the image I would encounter something that I've not experienced with other colored pencil pieces. Color bleeding. I would get this yellowish staining halo around the figure, and if I was working on piece with no background just the white of the paper it could ruin the piece.

    For the longest time I had assumed it was the pigment from the orange colored pencil since Vipera is very orange. However when I was working on "Prepare To Engage The Enemy" Prepare To Engage The Enemy by Baron-Engel I experienced the same problem.

    This led me to conduct some experiments with all of the orange, ochre, and yellow orange colored pencils in my studios. Much to my surprise the orange, mineral orange, and pumpkin orange Prismacolors were all stable. However the yellow ochre, yellow orange, Spanish orange, and goldenrod would all create yellow bleed stains up to a quarter inch wide when I used heavy amounts of OMS around them. If I used a lighter amount of solvent I could greatly reduce or eliminate the bleeding altogether. Even after doing this for decades there are still new things to learn. Even with a medium you're intimate with.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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did you use prismacolored pencils? if so could you name the colors you add for the suit and the character himself please?
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 I will post a list of colors in a few days.
are you posting the list of colors right now?
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Sorry I will to those soon.
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I made a journal post about it.
Then could you tell me about that journal please?
What about the outfit?
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The chest! Why's the chest so alluring?
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Well she is quite huggable.
O_o.... ah was just leavin...
now a workhorse. :)

It must be a nightmare trying to work the zipper with hooves...
That's why newbies have to have good teeth. ;)
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It takes practice but she's a pro.
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That outfit sheen and texture was epic... than I saw the transparency on the wings... dies
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I am very happy how it came out and I am hoping what I've learned here can be applied to other future pieces.
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So the translucent effect was deliberate.  Interesting.  I was wondering what the suit was made of,  sort of a magical Spandex? Getting in and out of it must be an interesting evolution...LOL  THE COLONEL
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Yeah I used spandex garments for reference and remembering what some of Petina and Carousel's sneaky suits look like in my Equestria dreamscape.
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Yeah, Petina would know about how that would work....LOL WCJ
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Wonderful work
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