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AB's Morning Ritual

Part of my daily routine since the mid 1990's has been a series of back stretches I have to do in the morning and before bed if I am to maintain any kind of flexibility and comfort in my back. It is non-negotiable and skip them my back starts reminding me very quickly. It is now a part of my life and will be for the rest of my life.

    To lesser degree, before I embark upon a day in studio working I will do some quick sketches to get my head in the right place before proceeding to more important things. Sometimes they are complete throwaways and the end up in the trash. Sometimes they end up being concepts that can be refined and turned into future content, and sometimes they're worth posting and showing on their own merit.

    These are 4 fast sketches I did this morning. For slightly different reasons Applebloom in my Equestria dreamscape also needs to do regular stretching sets. In her case it's to maintain flexibility so she doesn't injure herself while sparring and working out. So usual before breakfast she spends 30 minutes doing her morning ritual.

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I know she's very young compared to the other ponies but, Applebloom is one flexible young lady.
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She is very flexible which is critically to job.
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I can almost feel her back nicely cracking from the stretches...
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Yeah, sometimes it is nice to get something to pop when it is stuck.
Hey, thanks. This actually helped me with a back problem I'd been having, as well as being really cute <3
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AB's poses here remind me of those 1980s fitness videos.
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These stretching rituals are "a real pain" in any bodybuilding.
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But very, very essential to any training regime.
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Yes, unfortunately.
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Applebloom como has crecido :v
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DAFAQ!!!!!! ●△●
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Practice, dude, practice. Even non-flexible human males can get very flexible through practice, and AB has advantages like explained below.
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........ It just blow my mind it to much crazyness
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How is this even physically possible
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Well ponies have a greater degree of flexibility in their joints and tendons in Equestria, and Applebloom is young and has practiced lots to get this level of skill.
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→_→........ I'm done with life
Do pegasi have to do something like this, but with their wings (which are technically a third set of limbs if you think about it) ?
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Yes they do. I have to do stretches every morning even if just to limber up my wings.  Spitfire studies by Baron-Engel Lightning Lantern Festival by Baron-Engel a couple of examples.
I've had on the backburner of my mind a fanfic wherein a disabled character reacquires their mobility by leaps and bounds.  I thought of having them do stretching exercises, and these make for a nice visual aid when describing such... just have to do it without coming across as fan service-ish.
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They are poses I've watched dancers, martial artists, ballerinas, and gymanists do before performing or practicing.
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Wow but the ponies are limber, especially when compared to actual horses.
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