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Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)
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Genie stream 5/30/20

Genie stream 5/30/20

Last Picarto stream was all mermaids. This time it'll be genies. Yes It will still be May and I could do another MerMay stay but lets mix it up a bit. So this Saturday night 5/30/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be doing an all genie-themed stream on Picarto. With any luck this might be the last shelter-in-place digital art streams from my own studio.  So join me for a magical evening of art, stories, and some really great folks. See you there!  I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon.

Learning more about Eclipse, and not liking it

Learning more about Eclipse, and not liking it

Okay after a day or so with Eclipse I am learning how to navigate around more, but in the process I'm discovering more lumps in it. What's worse is that they seem to be unnecessary, avoidable lumps. First lump is that the left-to-right scrolling gallery only allows 16 folders in it, and two of those folders have to be All and Featured. You can move and arrange which folders are in that 16 except All and Featured which are locked and are the first 2 folders in the sequence and cannot be moved or deleted. This is fine if you have 16 or fewer folders in your gallery, but if you are like me and a person viewing your page maybe for the first time they might not realize you have other folders. To view the other folders in your Gallery you have to go to the bar at the of your DA profile page. Click Gallery then when that page loads you have to click on the 9 square grid icon. Then you or a watcher can view all of your folders. Note clicking on the list icon to the left of the

Well here we are with Eclipse.

Well here we are with Eclipse.

Well the 20th of May has come and Eclipse has been shoved down out throats. I am not at all happy with this, but we will move on from this. One thing I am very annoyed with is that it appears that all my old journal postings have been wiped. That or they have buried them and I haven't found how to locate them yet. Edit. Take that back I've just figured out where they buried them.

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why did you stop adding the download button to your arts?

Baron-EngelProfessional Traditional Artist

I haven't?

CrazyGraeHawkatooStudent General Artist
Odd question: do you know of the Dragon Rider novels and/or movie?

I ask because I'm trying to have as many people as possible boycott the film.  Believe me; you can tell just from the trailer alone the movie sucks.

I know I'm not Baron, but honestly, I'm pretty sure that film isn't gonna get much attention anyway.

vertov3000New Deviant

Keep working on real media!

Aloha from Hawaii

Me again.  Just wonderin' if you got that Note I sent to your profile.