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Tutorial: Craters

Edit: Upon a few requests changed from .rar to .zip.

A Tutorial on how to create Craters for Spaceart in Photoshop and how to apply them to a planet.

I tried to make it as comprehensible as possible. It isn't easy writing tutorials and i know that they can be a pain in the royal butt if you get to a point you don't understand. So if you have questions just contact me and i'll be glad to help. I also recommend that you try an touch up your own craters a little more once you have applied them to your planet (which is where this tutorial ends). I recommend adding some custom shadows inside the craters and painting over places you don't think turned out that well. I would have liked to write something on that aswell, but then this tutorial would have ended up with far too many steps and pages.


File: PDF (Packed in *.rar File)
Size: 1.15 MB
Pages: 8 (includes many pictures)

7 Step Tutorial + Annotations

You will need WinRar and the Adobe Reader to view this tutorial


I'm also planning on making this a video tutorial for even better comprehension, but the screen recorders i've found so far don't have a satisfactory quality or filesize, so if you know a good program for that please share :). I'm calculating about 12-15 minutes for the whole video...


Feel free to show me any results :)

I hope this is of use.
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Great! Very useful! Thanks for making this tutorial! :)
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Im used for one contest your idea of crater hehe thanks for shared
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Im used tutorial again thanks for shared :)
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Im used someone explain your tutorial here ty sorry someone parts not understand because my english is poor excuse me.
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Great tuto, Thanks...
Thank you so very much for your tutorials!!!
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Klasse Tutorial! Herzlichen Dank dafür.
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Thanks for this tutorial. I used here :
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Thanks for tutorial !!! Used it here [link]
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Used here [link]. About fifty or so craters simulating a planet after orbital attack.
how do i get this
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Thanks for this great tutorial. Used it here: [link]!
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Wow thanks so much for this...I can't wait to read it.
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Detailed and great!
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Could you please provide a printable version of your tutorial? :typerhappy:

One that doesnt overload my printer cartridge :frustrated:

One with a plain white background, perhaps :please:

I collect nice tutorials "physically" in a folder ( oldschool, i know ) and your crater tut is going right into my space art section :clap:
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hey, thanks for this awesome tutorial! It was easy to understand and every step has been well explained! :D I've used it here [link]
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thanks. glad you enjoyed it.
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Aha! I've found you again! Thank you for this useful tutorial, it's in my favs now so I can't lose it again. :meow:
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Used tutorial here[link]

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Thanks! Could you provide the PSD's for your tutorials in the future? That would be much appreciated.
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Any way I could convert this for GIMP?
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It's a good tutorial !
I make screen records by using Screenpresso in free version. Have you try?
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I loved the tutorial. Not many people put this much time into making something that is this detailed and make it look this good. Kick ass mate!

- Joe
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