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The Stage is on Fire

I wasn't happy with the original anymore. So i burnt down the stage and built a new one. Completely new Set Up. It's not quite a sequel and more than a mod.

I'm currently working on my submission for the upcoming ~Space-Artists pack, so i thought i'd get this one out before the pack is due.

I try to awnser all comments and i sertainly read every one.

thx for the support :)

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Fantastic image.  I like the pov on this
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Fantastic image!
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I like its intensity
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Just awesome !! The colors are so flashy ; I love it !! A fire of awesomeness (lol)
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thank you :)
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you are welcome =D
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Great! it's like playing salamander in the old days.
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God, I'm going to risk sounding like a retarded gimp here but:


Try not to kick the gimp please and thank you. <3
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glad you enjoy it :). thx for the comment.
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fand das orginal besser ;P darum lass ich meins nach dem orginal ^^
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Isn't this one of your old pieces simply fliped and red instead of blue?? Well, looks good all the same. :)
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yap. read the description :)
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nice , i realy like :)
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Nice work. :d
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Absolutely magnificent - A true masterpiece!
My compliments :clap:
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That's awesome. I love the fiery colours.
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