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Rescue Me

Some poor soul waiting for rescue in the vast yet beautiful area on a far off planet. the signal flare is a symbol for both: hope and helplessness.

Terraspace time again :). Did a little practicing in terragen and this is what came out. Used worldmachine for the hightmap. There where two original terragen renders which i stiched together again to get a wideangle sceen (i'm quite into those atm). You can view them here [link] . The River in the picture is completely done in photoshop and i pretty like how it turned out.

A lot of back and forth with this so i hope you like the result.

Layers: I dunno
Size: I dunno
Time taken: maybe 10 days on and off
Programms used: Worldmachine, Terragen, Photoshop

Looking forward to comments. :+fav:'s and :+devwatch:'s are truely appreciated :)
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You know, there could be a message here. Something along the lines of showing how small we really are compared to the universe around us, how we, compared to everything else, are so insignificant that no matter what we do, none of it will have any real effect on anything because we are just to puny for anything we do to matter. It could say something about how hopeful we are that one day, we won't be so small, so insignificant, that, one day, we truly will be able to make a difference in the universe. It could say something about how weak we are, how we, while thinking ourselves so high and mighty, are really just utterly helpless specks of life, crawling about and clawing blindly in the dark, desperately hoping to get lucky and somehow survive the might of the relentless and unforgiving Cosmos. Fantastic work, my friend, fantastic work.
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Nicely done! I love the little touches of detail, like the reflection of stars in the water.
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I love it! Maybe a little too dark, but still a fantastic piece.
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Great scenery, lovely colors and very very emotional. One of the most catching works for long time. Congrats :)
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Wundervolle Arbeit! :clap:

c u
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wow, this is amazing! very nicely done. love your work.
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Very beautiful landscape! But judging by how vast, the poor person will probably never be found. =(

But that doesn't quite stop me from clicking the "Fav" button. ;)
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i like the way the piece creates feeling of loneliness, epicness and beatifulness in the same time.
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awesome! rich detail and composition. Very cool concept too!
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thx i appreciate it.
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give me youre hand then , no need ill stay with you there forever
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this is crazy good!
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This is soo relaxing to look at.... very deep and wonderous...
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:) glad you like it.
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wow, great image.
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this work is GREAT!! can you make a wallpaper version of it? plzz :D
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