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March 17, 2009
Wouldn't we all like to have a little garden in our backyard just like this one? Enjoy your day in the Little Garden by =Baro
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Little Garden

Long time no see.

I started this one ageeees ago. I found the psd file on my hd some time ago and started working on it again.

The land part consists of four terragen of the same landscape renders that i had to stitch together. The problem was that the water level wasn't how i wanted it. either it was to high near the horizon or to shallow near the viewpoint. So i rendered the same sceen with three different water levels and once the sky only and put it all together in photoshop. The trees and the shore where painted in photoshop. I also had to paint some of the terrain myself on the left and right to get a proper horizon cause the angle i rendered the screen in was set so that you could see the corner of the terrain field in terragen.

I then photo maniped in some clouds from and threw in the planets. You might say i worked this one from raw to fine. it looked like crap when i started, which was originally the reason i didn't want to go on with it. But in the end i think it worked out pretty good.

Tell me if you like the vegetation and shore lines cause i've never done stuff like that before.

Layers: Originally must have been over 300
Time: about 5 months on and off (with a 3-4 month break in between)
Size: I scaled it down to 80% at one point


Comments and :+fav:'s are very welcome. :)

*EDIT: thx to ^gucken for this DD. I appreciate it!

Thx to everybody who commented or faved and/or took the time to look at it!*
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amazing psd pleaze.-..
Ahlukon's avatar
This is a beautiful work of art right here.
halo666999's avatar
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wow, thats rly beautiful :aww:
ObsidianDigital's avatar
Damn, nice job... I need to learn terragen one of these days :P
Incredible just doesn't even begin to cover it. This is jaw-dropping. And that word is also inadequate. Well done! Definitely one to fave.
masterdisastergfx's avatar
landscape is awesome
Sofia-Valentine's avatar
this is so beautiful!!
I love how it's mystical and has that fantasy feel to it! I really want to go there! :D
This Is amazing
Baro's avatar
thank you so much.
missEyez's avatar
now this is a dream I wouldn't want to wake up from........breathtaking :cries:
Baro's avatar
thanks a lot :)
missEyez's avatar
ur welcome! Seriously, that's is what true digital art is, creating a world for others to see.
Skayster's avatar
Looks really great. Would love to see a rough step by step of this picture :)
Createyourownw0rld's avatar
darkxmoonx7's avatar
Wow, it's beautiful. I love it
ScarsOfFriendship's avatar
Thanks for taking the time and make such good work
this fantastic
is very true
very nice

who will not like?

if this great
chiiildd's avatar
Wow. This is awe-inspiring.
Excellent work.
x-Sassy-x's avatar
If only the view outside my bedroom window looked like this. Awesome =)
Baro's avatar
:) thanks a lot! i only see the next door house through my window. maybe that's the reason i make these XD
x-Sassy-x's avatar
Lol ^^
I think I'll print this out and stick it on my window =P
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