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March 17, 2009
Wouldn't we all like to have a little garden in our backyard just like this one? Enjoy your day in the Little Garden by =Baro
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Little Garden

Long time no see.

I started this one ageeees ago. I found the psd file on my hd some time ago and started working on it again.

The land part consists of four terragen of the same landscape renders that i had to stitch together. The problem was that the water level wasn't how i wanted it. either it was to high near the horizon or to shallow near the viewpoint. So i rendered the same sceen with three different water levels and once the sky only and put it all together in photoshop. The trees and the shore where painted in photoshop. I also had to paint some of the terrain myself on the left and right to get a proper horizon cause the angle i rendered the screen in was set so that you could see the corner of the terrain field in terragen.

I then photo maniped in some clouds from and threw in the planets. You might say i worked this one from raw to fine. it looked like crap when i started, which was originally the reason i didn't want to go on with it. But in the end i think it worked out pretty good.

Tell me if you like the vegetation and shore lines cause i've never done stuff like that before.

Layers: Originally must have been over 300
Time: about 5 months on and off (with a 3-4 month break in between)
Size: I scaled it down to 80% at one point


Comments and :+fav:'s are very welcome. :)

*EDIT: thx to ^gucken for this DD. I appreciate it!

Thx to everybody who commented or faved and/or took the time to look at it!*
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amazing psd pleaze.-..