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Impacts Tutorial

Here we go. This is a tutorial an how to create simple looking impact effects. If you find spelling mistakes you can keep them :p (sry I'm german). This is my first tutorial so i don't know if it good for something, but nevertheless, if you have done a deviation or something simliar using this please send me the link. i would love to see what you made of this.

have fun!

edit: corrected a few mistakes and put the Cover in the zipped file.
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nice shice,.. but not the kind of impact i was looking for^^
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This is an old tutorial, and I am the first to comment in several years. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to creat the rings around a planet
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i wunna see it but idk how to open your tutorial :(, help ?
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download the file and open it with either winrar or 7zip.
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the only thing that confuses me is when you say, "Blend out layer" is that a filter tool like gaussian blur or what, its just got me stuck. :shrug:
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no it means: disable the layer so you can't see it.
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OH! I'm sorry for the inconvenience :oops:
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very nice.. can I translate for my italian forum?obviously I'm going to put the credits
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Sorry for asking a noob question but How do I get the tutorial T_T ???
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just click on the download button on the left :)
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sweet featuring it here ok [link]
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that's fine. thx a lot.
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my try at using it. Any good?
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this will attract deviants who wish to learn.
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Excellent tutorial. And the Part II ? ;)
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Oh, thank you so much. :+fav: I'm sure It will be very helpful.
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is verdammt nützlich, hab ich endlich mal nen brauchbares tutorial gefundn, thx digga^^
What do you mean in the paragraph where it says "Select the whole picture..." that doesn't make any sense to me.
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Hi Du, habe dein Tut mal gespeichert.
Würde es dir etwas ausmachen, wenn ich es auf einem Flyer benutzen würde, oder geht das i.O.? ;)
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ne geht klar.
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i love this tutorial but one thing doesn't make sence to me. "Now select the layers opacy by holding down ctrl and clicking on the "ring" layer in the layers windows.
How i can select the opacy? I can change the opacy % but i can't select it. I hold ctrl down and
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