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I don't quite know when i started this. Must have been some time around november or december 2007.
Actually the terragen render was just the pre render, cause i wanted to render it in a bigger scale, but unfortunately terragen crashed after i had finished this one, so i only have this resolution.

As you may see i've tried some new stuff in this picture. The foreground of the terragen render was completely painted over in photoshop. I also maniped in the person, which is actually the first manip i'm quite happy with and i really wanted a person in this. Also i matte painted a few parts of the landscape to give it the last touch.

So far i think this is my personal favourite. But that is subjective.

Hope you like it. Full View is essential!
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I really wanna know how you wizards create your landscapes. Seeing such amazing spaceart then looking at mine really boils my blood!! :( Hopefully i'll be as good as you soon! :D Love your work!