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Xenex issue 3 page 23

By Barnlord
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When I first went in to tackle this page I realized that the bounty hunters ship, just... well, the original design sucked. I did not like it. Thankfully, you don't see too much of the ship in the previous issue, so the design could still be molded a little. Now, you don't see too much of the ship here, but it is n the first two pages of issue three. Find out more info on Xenex the Bug Man here [link] .
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Love how you did the rain. NICE. :thumbsup:
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Thank you! I will have o admit, I am happy that they are leaving that rainy planet in the next issue. It does become a pain after a while.
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I bet! It must be time consuming!
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At times. I'm sure that me thinking, "Well I don't want to have to draw rain anymore, so I'll set the new setting on a city planet,", attitude will have me wanting to go back to rain by the end. At least all the line work with rain is all in one general direction. Oh, Spoiler alert! The next big Planet setting will be on a city landscape.
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Looking forward to it!!! You're probably right about wanting to go back to the rain. LOL