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Two Super Cops Walk into a Bar...

Two super cops walk into a bar... Stop me if you've heard this one. To have some extra work ready for the Sci-Fi Expo, I made this piece that features some beloved characters from both Peter Weller and Karl Urban, two prominent guests at the upcoming convention. I'll have a small run of prints at the show. For more info on this piece and the prints, check out my website at:…
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the punchline is "you're all under arrest"
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These guys know how to act with their lips!
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Wasn't Robocop originally a Dredd Script that got rewritten? 
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I believe so. I'd have to look into that. 
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Dredd'd probably try to arrest Robocop for illegal body mods, and Robocop would probably try to apprehend Dredd for violating open carry laws. ;p
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thank you, thank you. ;) :bow:
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Really cool piece!
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Thank you much!
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Wonderful and very funny piece of work, I like how this is homaging both Urban & Weller's roles. Very creative piece of work :) 
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Thank you! I'm a big fan of both of their acting careers. I had fun with this piece. 
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I see `Eomer, Buckaroo Banzai, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Admiral Alexander Marcus, and Vaako!:D (Big Grin)

I can't believe both Karl Urban, and Peter Weller, were in a Star Trek movie together!

I do wish that Martin Freeman, and Nick Frost were in Star Trek: Into Darkness also. That way, we'd have Sherlock and John, and Shaun and Ed!
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I'd never thought of that till now. What was JJ Abrams thinking not having them cameo?
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Awesome! Thank you much!
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Eh Black Hat!!!!! X3
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Great character. I like what Urban did with the character in the film. 
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