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The Sorceress

By Barnlord
I love the Sorceress! I do! So, when I came across many other art pieces of her, I had to make one of my own! I hope you like it.
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© 2011 - 2021 Barnlord
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I'll always love her myself. Great artwork of her; you really sweat the details of her feathery outfit and flowing hair. (Actually seeing her hair for once is a nice touch too!)
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She is a fave! Thank you very much for the comment! :D
ZhaneAugustine's avatar
Very cool

but she looks kinda pissed here, haha
Barnlord's avatar
He he! I know, right! She's casting her bone shattering spell on Skeletor! I like the idea of her being a stronger willed person than what the cartoons pin pointed her as.
haydenyale's avatar
Very nice! It makes me thing a little of X-Men characters Rogue and Storm, just something about the pose and facial expression with the style of art, looks awesome though!! :)
Barnlord's avatar
I could definitely see that! I t has a bit of that late 80's posing to it. Thank you for commenting! :D
calysium's avatar
YEAH! The oldschool sorceress. I don't like the remake version. (So please! She look like an notcool-egipt-somethink-thing) I like your style very much. :D
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Thank you very much! I did like some of the elements of her 200X costume. I would like to see a good combining of the too for a Battle Field version of the Sorceress in the MOTU Classics line. :D
maxspider72's avatar
Nice work! She looks a bit more serious, and bad ass than the cartoon version. I like it! :spidey:
Barnlord's avatar
Thanks! She's definitely got some sas! I like my fictional redhead ladies tough. :D
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
An awesome pic I love it keep up the excellent work :D
Barnlord's avatar
Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.
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Thanks! She's proven to be a favorite character to draw.
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