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MOTU She-Ra Sketch Card no 1

I've been knocking out some sketch cards in my spare time and it seems as though I'm on a Masters of the Universe kick.

There's extra info on this sketch card and more on my website!
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Gotta love your take on the Princess of Power.
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My dad is a big fan of this one! He would agree with you whole heartedly.
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:laughing: Not a thought that your dad shares with your mom, I suspect!

Heh, I must admit that my dad would doubtless feel the same way. I noticed back then that "She-Ra" was the only cartoon I watched before going to school each day that he'd watch with me. :D
Barnlord's avatar
Ha ha! Nope, that is not something he shares with her at all! I love the fact that your dad would watch She-Ra with you in the morning! Classic! :D I'm sure my dad would have watched it too if it aired in the morning! I had G.I.Joe in the morning. Though, I did notice that my dad would stop to watch the episodes with Lady Jay. Rawr! :)
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Heh, I'll admit that I was never a big fan of G.I.Joe...but I always liked Lady Jay & the Baroness. For rather obvious reasons, yes. And yeah, I did see the live-action movie a year or two ago and I actually liked it better than the show. Although a live actress as Lady Jay wouldn't have hurt. Maybe in the sequel next summer (or is it this year?)

The episode where the Baroness was wearing her red bikini in the hot tub and got kidnapped, "forcing" her to wear that same swimsuit throughout the rest of the episode, stuck with me through the years for some reason. :D
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Great episode!!! I'm not sure I can give that enough explanation points! The sequel is scheduled now for next summer. Not sure if I will come out or not. It failed with the test audience. But, if it does, Lady Jaye will be played by the hotness, Adrianne Palicki!
KeithEKimball's avatar wonder I was confused about the release date then; I even could've sworn I was seeing posters in the theatres...and I probably was until they took them back! I'm honestly disappointed that G.I.Joe 2 has been delayed, I really did like the first movie a lot. Mostly because it made Cobra Commander and Destro into believable villains (to me at least, your mileage may vary). Compared to the three Transformers movies, which I hated... G.I. Joe didn't make me try to put up with high school kids as heroes, stealing the spotlight from Joes and Cobra alike.
*googles Adrianne Palicki* Whoa!! Hmm, in most of the pics she's a blonde, but in some she's got the right dark hair for Lady Jaye...I'd have to say she's a winner! I'm really gonna miss Rachel Nichols as Scarlett though. Hmm, maybe the loss of so many characters from the first was one of the things the test audience didn't like!
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She was also supposed to play Wonder Woman in the series that didn't release. It was the death of Duke that Audiences hated. I noticed that Hasbro has taken most of their GIJoe Retaliation toys back down from the shelves at different retailers. At the SSDC, Hasbro "released images of the figures that are already out and put a February release date on them. I was able to get a Cobra Paratrooper with a real working cloth parachute! I've been waiting till I can go out and throw him in the air! I want to see how long it takes him to land!
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She Ra I remember, although she was kind of a different series than He Man wasn't she?
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That's right! She had her own TV series and toy line called She-Ra: Princess of Power. Different world, but shared characters in the Masters of the Universe, um, universe. ;)
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Awesomeness my friend, it's great to see the Princess of Power. :D
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My dad subscribes to my website where I post these cards. He has decided that he is now a big She-Ra fan. As he put it, he really like the cute girl viking! :)
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I'd much rather see She-Ra running around that He-man, she is more appealing on the eyes, and great work here.
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AGREED! That's kind of what my dad said too. ;)
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Great minds think alike.
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