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MOTU Man-E-Faces Sketch Card no1

I've been knocking out some sketch cards in my spare time and it seems as though I'm on a Masters of the Universe kick.

There's extra info on this sketch card and more on my website! [link]
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Ah, my first MOTU toy ever. :D Great portrait of him; makes me wish I still *had* the toy! He'd be great sitting on my computer while I work. He could be the Monster to smash writer's blocks, the Robot to think out logical solutions to plotholes, and just the Man to remind me to keep to my deadlines. :D

Forgive me if I've asked you before, but what was your first MOTU toy?
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Man-E-Faces is so cool! I picked one up on ebay about a year or so back in a really good deal. My first MOTU toy was given to me by my cousin back in 1982. I called him Mr. Lady-bug-head man, which is in fact, Zodac the Cosmic Enforcer. I don't have my original toy, but I did get another in really good shape. He's my all time fave! :)
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Oh, duh on my part, I do remember you telling me about Zodac now. :D

I'm fond of Zodac too; he never got his due on the original show. I went out of my way to squeeze him into a couple of stories of mine: Story Spinner [link] and Wheels Within Wheels [link] They're only twenty to twenty-one pages if you get a minute, I'd love to know what you think.

Ironically Man-E-Faces only has a short cameo in one other story! LOL
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Hey, Keith. The Wheels within wheels story is not showing up. I like what I've read with Story Spinner. I'm going to read it again.
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Hmm, sometimes my gallery just harfs for no reason I can discern. Neither can DA; I've complained to the help desk several times. Maybe the above link will work so you don't have to paw through my gallery for Wheels Within Wheels. If worst comes to worst, I've got a specific MOTU/POP folder in my gallery so people don't have to search too much.

And thanks for your kind comment about Story Spinner! I've had a lot of fun writing this He-Man stuff; LOL I'll have to see if DC Comics will work with me if they do another mini after this one! Say...want to be the artist on the book with me if it comes up? That would be awesome!
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Definitely! Count me in!
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I'll go check them out! Oh, and speaking of "Mr. Lady-Bug Head Man" my friend just posted a podcast of him and I talking about Masters of the Universe toys. I tell the Zodac story in it. The show is called talking toys with Taylor and Jeff. Here's a link. [link]
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Wasn't there a Ram guy that had a head like that? Nicely done, I like how the metal is rendered on his armor.
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Oh yes! Ram-man!
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Well done! Classic. A character I actually DO remember. :)
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Ha ha! I figured you would recognize this guy! He's a fan favorite for a lot of people.
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