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MOTU Flogg Sketch Card no 1

I've been knocking out some sketch cards in my spare time and it seems as though I'm on a Masters of the Universe kick.

There's extra info on this sketch card and more on my website!
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Flogg is a pure mutant to the core. >)
Barnlord's avatar
Yes he is. Even though he is a bit of a dope in the cartoon, I always felt that Flogg was a bit of a BA in the New Adventures world.
Writer4Commissions's avatar
That is so awesome! I love these strong color choices and the inking, especially the face. You really make that metal shine.
Barnlord's avatar
Thank you! Even though the helmet and shoulder armor are in silver, I liked the idea of his armor in gold. Works well with red in my opinion! :)
Pencilbags's avatar
This is one of the best ones yet! I like the deep shadows and the background, it really makes the composition of the card stand out. The character is nice, but the best thing about this is the overall composition! Nicely done!
Barnlord's avatar
He he! I really like this one too!
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
Awesomeness, I like Flogg he and Skeletor are so funny together; two alpha males trying to be in charge. Keep up the excellent work my friend :D
Barnlord's avatar
Agreed! Flogg wouldn't work well as a character without Skeletor!
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
I know, those two are comical :D
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and remember folks he also has his college team gear as an alternate set of clothes
Barnlord's avatar
HA ha! His shoulder pads sport his lacrosse team logo!
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