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MOTU Extendar Sketch Card no1

I've been knocking out some sketch cards in my spare time and I'm on a Masters of the Universe kick. Cause He-Man rocks!

Want to read more on how I feel about this character and others: Go check out my website!

My Extendar editorial on my website is below.

Check out this episode of "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff" where they discuss the vintage line of Masters of the Universe!
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Yay! More cool yet sort of obscure MOTU/POP characters. His minicomic was one of my favorites. What a shame he never showed up in either cartoon!!
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I think this would have been a cool character to see in the POP cartoon. It is a shame that he came into the MOTU action figure line-up so late. I'll have to go and read the mini comic on
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Heh, if you do read Extendar's (or Dragstor's, they came with the same one) mini-comic, then you will understand my odd fondness for the word "milksop".
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I did read the mini comic. Greatness!