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Cheese Cake Head Charlie

I somehow ended up with a triangle headed Creatology customizable vinyl action figure a long while ago. I was originally going to use him as a knight. Somewhere through the long days to now, I had decided to do this piece. The design has changed a couple of times, but the idea is still the same. This is the first piece from a line I would like to call, "Sweet Evils". The idea of the line is to see something delicious in tormenting agony and being devoured or watched by these... well, weird plates. If you salivate and cringe at the same time, then I've done my job.

I have more pictures of this piece here on the to my website.
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Haha! This cracks me up. I also love cheesecake. :)
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Me too! I had made a whole bunch of pins to sell at the Vinyl Thoughts Art Show of Cheesecake Head Charlie. None sold. I might see if I can swing them into the Fan Days show and I'll bring Cheesecake Head with me if he doesn't sell online so you can see him. 
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Ha ha! Thanks, Jerry! My dad was afraid that I needed to see a counsellor after I posted this custom on my site. I told him it was ok, it's, "All in Good Fun", art.