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Admiral Ackbar pre Fan Days Convention 2012

This is a piece I did for the upcoming Star Wars Fan Days Convention in Irving, TX. I made this with sharpie, ink, watercolor, colored ink wash, and colored sharpie for details. I'm like this one but, for me, it doesn't have the same emotional impact that the Emperor piece has. I would have loved to have more ink wash shading, but I didn't want to over work the piece and muddy up the color.

I wrote a quick blog entry about this character on my website. Click the [link] to check it out!
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Just got the news the shields are still up.  ***deer in the headlights*** This was NOT in the contingency plans for today.  Dammit!
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Ack was always one of my favs from star wars. love this pic. the colors are awesome!
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Thanks! He's one of my faves too. I still have my Ackbar from 1983. I'm refurbishing him and he's got a great home standing next to the computer!
Lordwormm's avatar
Ahhh! Gorgeous work!
Barnlord's avatar
Why, thank you! :D
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Great one! I liked it when the Mon Calamari showed up, it made the movies seem wider for me.
Barnlord's avatar
Agreed! I love their design and the design of their ships. Great stuff!
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It's a trap! My favorites file can't repel awesomeness of this magnitude! :noes:
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I've always found it hard to draw aliens, so I hardly ever do (with the exception of the occasional Predator or Xenomorph, that is) so to me, this is awesome :clap:

I really like your crosshatching here ;)
Barnlord's avatar
I love, nay, LOVE drawing aliens! I have a whole comic book full of them. It's called Xenex the Bug Man [link] . I'm heading over now to see your works! I want to see a Predator!
Art-Gem's avatar
Oh, wow! :omfg:

I want one! :eager:

I would TOTALLY buy a copy if they had one at my comic's store! :D

And thanks! :XD:

Unfortunately I only have about 3 deviations predator/alien based, but I plan on doing more soon :)
Barnlord's avatar
I can't wait to see more predators and aliens!
Art-Gem's avatar
Ah, me neither! :doh:

I'll let you know the SECOND I post another one :)
Barnlord's avatar
I have you added to my watch, so I'll know when you post. 0.0 I'll know... :D
Art-Gem's avatar
lol, that sounds kinda creepy :XD:

But okay ;)
Barnlord's avatar
Oops! I can see how that was creepy! How bout this: I added you to my watch, so I'll see all of the wonderful things you post! :D
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Excellent and Fantastic Art Piece, I Just :heart: Star Wars!
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Me too! Thank you for the comment!
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I really love it:D ^^
Barnlord's avatar
Thank you! I'll have it at the Fan Days convention next month!Are you going?
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