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Hello my friends )

Again i have a new fairytale for you.
Now lets talk about love, not sex, just love.

Hope you like it like i love you all ;-)

P.S. original back is from here:

P.P.S. You can download it as 1920*1200.
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This is very... unique. I do admire it, the way it is drawn, but it almost creeped me out. I saw the other person in the corner and thought, "Stalker." With that being my first thought, looking at this picture for a while longer made me realize he looks frightened. I hope you were aiming for that becuase then you nailed it. If not, I sound messed up. I'll continue though. Every aspect of this picture is hand drawn, right? Bravo. I have to hand it to you, I'm still learning how to do backgrounds, and it seems like you have it downpact without a problem. I find that very astounding. Keep draing, and never lose hope.
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He loves her, but he is frightened by her move and looks. It like a beauty and the beast, but with a little different emotions.

Thank you for a lot of good words. I`ll try :)
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^^ thats very cool, and no prob
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Beautiful art! I just want to inform you this art piece has been featured in my "The best of October's photo manipulation" article.


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Thank you!
very glad to hear it!
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alexcherrypicksProfessional Digital Artist
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BeLayaBeLHobbyist General Artist
очень романтично получилось ^^
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ShinybinaryProfessional Digital Artist
Great work, lovely atmosphere. If I had to point out something to change, it would be the very bright spots of light on the floor on the right hand side. Since this whole area was much brighter in the original photo, the intense patches of sunlight have caused a bloom effect. Now you have darkened this area, this effect should be gone I think. Otherwise it looks like a bright photo that has been artificially darkened, rather than an area that's in the shade which I guess is what you want.
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почему не дают ДД ?
Зик, я сдерживаюсь что бы не писать матом :)))) Sehr shon! СУПЕР !
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так настроенсечки! Ёмаё!
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Спасибо дружище ))
да хрен с ним, с ДД, не в этом скрыто щастье ))
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avesome my friend... as always....
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thank you, my friend ))
as always ;-)
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Zombie-Flex Traditional Artist
Wow thats amazing! Its a little creepy but I respect that!
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Zombie-Flex Traditional Artist
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BaeMiProfessional Interface Designer
The lighting on these paintings is always so perfect. Good job
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
I like your creatures. :)
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thanks, my friend :)
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Yeah this is verYYYY UNiQUE,VerYyyy nice scene,and the little flower fellow is cute!!:XD:
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thank you :)
i`m glad you like it )
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Yeah i like it a LOT!!!It`s awesome:woohoo:
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davincipoppalagHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful stuff!
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