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Nina and her BE powers part 3

By BarkIkiri
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Okay okay I know I said I would start on my commissions but I got really into drawing this and just HAD to get it done :D

Hope you guys enjoy :D

Part 1> [link]
Part 2 > [link]
part 3: [link]
part 4: [link]
part 5: [link]
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And this series was never heard from again
melodymalone123's avatar
Her boobs look smaller than the last panel. :/
broad86new's avatar
Awesome BE sequence of Frankie!!:love: At least she's enjoying it.
BarkIkiri's avatar
its always better when the girl is enjoying it ;)
rikubattle's avatar
I like much Frankie.
BarkIkiri's avatar
haha dont we all
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BarkIkiri's avatar
Im so glad you like her!
Was kinda thinking no one would...
Aaron1314's avatar
can u make more comics featuring nina? & who wouldn't XD!
BarkIkiri's avatar
I have a commission to the out of the way but after that Tifa meets Nina (its a continuation of the Frankie and Nina story)
Aaron1314's avatar
when will it be ready :)
and btw i knew bout tifa, (read descriptions) XD
Aaron1314's avatar
When will it be ready, not pestering, just asking
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She sure is happy about her new look lmao.
BarkIkiri's avatar
Haha hopefully you are aswell!
ozwick's avatar
I LOVE her face!
And her boobs. Looks like she likes them too, or at least likes the process of them becoming that big.
BarkIkiri's avatar
This isn't the end though just Act 1 :D there is more to come. Although not to her really
DirtyDirtySam's avatar
I just love boobs burstin' out of clothes :icondroolplz:
BarkIkiri's avatar
Haha don't we all!
That Icon is the face she is pulling lol
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Pretty Cute, Love the Look on her Face too ^-^
BarkIkiri's avatar
Always go for intense pleasure. Thats the rule :D
Dontbow's avatar
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Wow. She must enjoy it so much. :D
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