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Nina and her BE powers part 1

By BarkIkiri
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SO after the poll I did about who Nina should use her powers on Frankie Foster and Tifa won. So here is page one of the Nina using her BE powers on them.

P.S. I should be doing my commiisiions but my situation at the moment is making it difficult SORRY GUYS

Page 2 >[link]
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esse encaixe de seios nela aorei, melhor luga para ser estar entrei seios granes
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This is going to be interesting.
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Well its obvious where its going! Although how far its gonna go is the question haha
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Frankie, that's rude -- Nina's a big girl, but certainly doesn't look ridiculous. I think your eyes are about to be opened to new, expanding, possibilities.
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Haha Frankie is being a bit rude isnt she!
Although Nina is being a bit forceful
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That's sorta Nina's way, isn't it?
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Hehe, sexy and hilarious, a combo that I am always grateful to see.Dang I am such a pervert. :XD:

Also you got a original art style that is totally eye catching, good job my good sir. :)
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Perverts are all welcome here haha! Hope you enjoy!
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I do! XD

Childhood be ready to get destroyed! HAHAHAHAHHA!.... :stare:
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Heheh. I can't wait to see, How big Frankie will grow. :D
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Haha its going to be exciting to be sure.

btw check out my journal I have a comp going on!
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