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Commission 12 - Harley Quinn in a tank of Goo

By BarkIkiri
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Well this was an interesting new concept for me, goo...
It was fun! The irresponsibly cute :iconhai-kulture: asked me to draw "Harley Quinn - a sort of pin-up version of her. a) She's lounging in a bath tub reading a magazine. But it's green joker chemicals and the mad science fizz looks like a bubble bath."

I tried to stick to as much of that concept as possible, but the "pin-up style" thing kinda flew out the window when I realised I can never draw literally what is in my head, and the magazine ended up looking like a book (50 shade maybe hahaha) and the Bubble bath thing didn't work turn out how I wanted but still kinda looked a bit cool (I think)...

I hope the speach bubbles are okay I felt Harley needed a bit of dark comedy involved...
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This is funny. Nicely weird, and completely in character.
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haha yeah this was a commish when I was asked to draw it I knew exactly what I wanted to draw!
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Very nice. :D I would like to see effects of this goo.
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"THE GOO" haha American Dad ftw
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YAY! She's so cute!

*jumps in and squishy hugs Harley*

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! This turned out so cool!
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Jump in, huh? Hope you're prepared to come out with white skin and green hair :)
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Meh - acid baths are exfoliating :P
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:D:D:D Im so glad you like her :D

I did have fun drawing her actually loads (cause she is all happy)

Cool fact I only drew the bit with her face and arm on paper first the rest is all pure digital :O
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she's still the best! :)
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