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heyy i'm back on dA! i went off for a while cus i couldnt change my username til now (ended up messing up and now i have a spare account with the username i wanted on this one x'} ignore BritishSuperDog ) and wasnt picking up too much traction, but i return ^^

i decided to return to this account and there's a small reactivation period and I TELL YOU WHAT.. i was in the last EIGHT HOURS of that time before i was locked out for good, talk about crazy timing!! if i had gone to bed and slept on it i would have lost this account :'3

ive got a whole lot of new stuff to upload anyway, i mean like nearly a years worth of stuff whoo boy

im trying to find an application or program that will allow me to port my gallery over from FA, still working on it :'] might be a bit quiet until i either find a solution or give up and start doing it manually x3 if that be the case itll just be a selection of the stuff i liked more!

cheers for watching still ^^ looking forward to getting back into things!