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Horse Marking Brushes

Just a few of the photoshop brushes that I use for my horse's markings.

They go:
1 - Bend-Or/Birdcatcher/Appaloosa Spots
2 - Dapples/Rabicano/Bend-Or Spots
3 - Rabicano/Appaloosa
4 - Rabicano/Appaloosa
5 - Rabicano/Appaloosa

The file is a photoshop .ABR brush and can be installed by clicking 'load brushes' and choosing it.

I wont demand credit on picture for these because it'll be basically impossible to do that if you use these a lot. All I ask is that you don't redistribute these on dA or anywhere else! They are mine!


Brushes ©: =Baringa-of-the-Wind

I do not appreciate critique unless I request it!
Please keep your own opinions to yourself unless I ask for it - I will not be happy to hear you bashing my work.

It's forbidden to copy, transmit, distribute, display, reproduce, sell, heavily reference, claim, trace, reuse, license or anything else, without my written permission, capiche? All rights are reserved!
© 2010 - 2021 Baringa-of-the-Wind
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Are these possible to use in Krita perhaps?

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I just want to let you know I've used these brushes for years and love them! Very helpful!
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Hello! I used this stock here: Chains For Innocence
Thank you for providing!
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Nice! Just what I was looking for! 
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Do these work on illustrator?
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May I use off dA if I credit on the image?
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
Flockey's avatar
are they free to use? I really love them xDAnd do you know, it they are also for SAI?
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
Yes, they're free to use, but they're only for photoshop.
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ok, thanks :3
ouw, I only use sai and sometimes gimp D: thank you anyway :3
Is there a way to make this work for SAI? :)
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
I'm afraid not :( You can't import brushes in the same way to SAI. I'm sure there will be a tutorial on how to do SAI markings somewhere :)
okay and thankyou for letting me know!
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Used here for the first time:
Love these so much! Thank you for making them - I'm sure I'll use them again in the future. :D
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
You're very welcome :) Glad they could be of use!
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Can these be used in Paint Tool SAI? If not someone PLEASE link me to something similar, i'm getting desperate here.
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
These can't be used in SAI, and I don't think you can make brushes like this in SAI :( Maybe try a Photoshop tutorial and use these kind of brushes then take back into SAI. I'm really sorry I can't help :(
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Where is the 'load brushes' option in PSE8?? o.o
Baringa-of-the-Wind's avatar
I'm sorry, I don't know.
xcyanide-skies's avatar
Nevermind, I found it c:
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