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A Day in the Life

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A changing wallpaper for Linux (tested on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick). Size is 1366x768 (my desktop)

-copy the file to a directory where it won't bother you
-extract the files
-inside a terminal, cd into the folder that was created with the new files
-run "sh ./install" (without the quotes)

...and that should be it. You should now have a wallpaper that changes throughout the day. The images were borrowed from several online sources, and the xml script was borrowed from the All Day Long animated wallpaper found on, by Edgar Rene Flores Balcazar.

I hope you enjoy it.
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I still use this, and I found a workaround to get it to work with the modern Ubuntu.

Thank you.
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For newer distros, (based on [link]); after you run the install script, you can manually set the XML wallpaper with the following command in the terminal window:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri 'file:///path/to/A_Day_in_the_Life.xml'

Where /path/to/ is the path to your A_Day_in_the_Life.xml file.
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For newer distros, try this command in the terminal window:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri 'file:///path/to/aDayInThelife_barid42/A_Day_in_the_Life.xml'

(where the install script placed the aDayInThelife_barid42/A_Day_in_the_Life.xml file)
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KamrynSayWhaaatttStudent Photographer
How do I get this to work with Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin?
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I'll try this out as soon as I've got Linux installed again!
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with gnome 3 you can use the following:

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I followed your instructions perfectly, being a Ubuntu user since 9.04 was released, and am now running 11.04 with classic desktop, I ran the and it said the background was set, but nothing on my desktop changed?
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hey any idea how this can work on xubuntu?
i tried it and nothing happened....
i had it on ubuntu but now i can't use it on xubuntu :(
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kadaiHobbyist Photographer
Hey, your work got featured on a TV program named "Fr@tal", of a mexican channel named "ForoTV". I have not found the video, but it was a few minutes ago.
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GuillermoVA Digital Artist
This work has been featured in Mexican TV!:eyepopping:
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barid42 Traditional Artist
I haven't checked the comments in a while. Seems like there's some buzz around this. Awesome.

To answer a few questions I noticed:

-I don't think this is able to be installed in Windows, and I realize that it does not jive with Gnome3
-There is no additional process used by this, so all you need to do is change wallpapers.
-I'm not sure why the wallpaper sometimes doesn't match the time of day. Feel free to mess with the xml file to change when the different wallpapers come in.
-The location in the picture is somewhere in New Zealand. No idea where, but it's a beautiful country overall.

I also noticed that someone put a tutorial on YouTube, which explains the many comments. Glad people like it.


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For some reason mine only shows night time pictures and currently there is a ton of sunlight outside (5pm). Would be great if they had a wallpaper that integrated with your time zone. I came across one, but the image was very cartoon-ish for lasting appeal. I will give this one till tomorrow to see if it catches up or changes at all. If we actually do need to mess around with the script, then I think the person who upload this wallpaper should re-upload the fixed version (The file is not that big after all).
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theRealPadsterHobbyist Interface Designer
but it shouldn't be in metacity themes, it should be in wallpaper.
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JG-StudiosStudent Digital Artist
Lookin Good!

Great idea!
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hi just wondering where is this place
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Dude, great stuff, man. Thanks
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A suggestion:

Remove the non-unique images (the merged ones) and keep the other ones, then configure them to change every 6 hours (with overlay) like this:


<transition type="overlay">

<transition type="overlay">

<transition type="overlay">

<transition type="overlay">
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It is a very nice work!

Just a little question: How can I uninstall it? It suffices to change my wallpaper and remove the files? Is there any process running that I should stop?

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somebody please tell me how to enable this in windows
sorry i'm still a windows user
but this wallpaper is awesome
im going to install natty narwhal after its fully released
but i want to enable this wallpaper on both OS
pleaseeee =)
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get ubuntu 11.04, it's free!
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i can't open the archive... it says, not supported... :(
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okay... successful... thanks for this... it's awesome...:)
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