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Let's see, I love to play Soccer, I love to draw, sing and do girly stuff like shopping. I also like to play games, climb trees, romance stuff including movies, novels, and I really hate Horror movies!
As you can proabably tell, I'm a roleplayer and a very good one. fishing, games, Building stuff...etc. (Basically alot of stuff girly girls wouldn't do.) My personslity mainly is cold and sarcastic, but I have been known to have multiable personalities (I can name them off((My rp charries have parts of me)). Since I'm a girl I'm a sap for cute stuff. I prefer to keep it semi-literate roleplaying, because it's just easier.
My rp site is Nuka River Pack or (NRP)
I really love wolves, and I hope I can help save them from extinction. I'm 20, and you can probably tell that i'm a girl cause I love to talk.
i make friends easy, i've been in all the cliches in my school so i know how they work. I like to cook especially for other people i spend my days gaming, art and music. i find that music helps the art flow easier. i find that im pretty lonely now and unhappy, funny thing is now i can do everything i used to want to. i can go up and visit my grandpas grave, go visit snickers grave. go hiking, or find a suitable rock near the shore of the river and draw. life indoors isnt much fun even if i am a gamer. i dream of adventures running away and starting a new life if you really think about it fairytales can come true. if you want it bad enough you can make them come true. i maybe a gamer but i love the outdoors and i love the night. i run around like a nut on crack sometimes being i love getting fresh air and taking off on adventures. i love being a rebel ppl chasimg you, not knowing where you are, hiding it's all so invigorating like lightning.
i do ceramics, not often but when i do i try to do my best. i draw the best of both light and darkness people can usually tell how im feeling by what i draw. I love animals, and you can bet your ass if i see animal abuse i will report it. im a former bully i see it you can garentee that i will defend the underdog. the biggest thing you could ever do wrong is insult my family that is where my honor stands and i will put my life on line for them.... no matter what they've done to me my family is my everything. i am a former scrapper/ scratcher it's better than hauling off and hitting or smacking someone because your upset. i highly dislike cowards and backstabbers have some pride and courage in yourself to do the right thing. but i realize i can be exactly who i want to be now. Guys, well i can be a rather interesting person to get to know but i can also be one of the most stubborn and anger filled people. I get quite lost in the world of relationships mostly because of how i've been taught to deal with things another way is how some i don't know how to deal with or adjust. im complicated. I love anime, cute fuzzy animals, the net, outdoors, fireworks, water. I write poems, draw and sometime write stories. these reflect on how i feel. sometime i can be quite attenative other times im like water i just dont get it or see.

Favourite Movies
lion king, blood and chocolate, mega mind, nightmare before christmas, secretariot, guardians of Ga'Hoole
Favourite TV Shows
ao no exorcist, naruto, high school of the dead, vampire knight, soul eater, wipe out
Favourite Books
WARRIORS, Maximum ride, phantom stallion
Favourite Games
okamiden, final fantasy fourteen, okami, Skyrim


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Sorry, realized this yesterday when I was missing some of my friends. I don't really use my da for anything besides buying art/adoptables. My most active account is, my furaffinity Sereneadream That's where I am most active, with my characters and art. I post all my art over there. So if you have a furaffinity feel free to watch me :3 My art includes lineless, with backround, shaded and photography. Varying from animals, furry and human/humanoid. I have many works that are a wip right now, trying to figure out my new drawing tablet in order to crank a good chunk of them out especially the older stuff. I also do Gore. Which where I draw I oft
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It was a while ago but, thanks for the llama!

Thanks for the Llama!

Yooo! I was lemurflight/brennamie23/etc and I ended up making an account after deleting my former accounts cuz Marble Cats. So figured I'd reach out to you! (if you don't recall those usernames, I'm Rowan's owner lol)

Oh, I do! It’s super nice to hear from you again

Thanks for the watch!