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hey friends... this is kinda awkward n i feel kinda bad making this post honestly BUT its also exciting bc i feel like its a bench mark for my art moving forward

so ive been trying to come up with a unique art alias for myself for quite a long time now, and i finally came up with one! and im really happy with it, i feel it fits me rly well (fingers crossed that feeling sticks lmao).. my new art name is: suprakind ! unfortunately, its not available on deviantart, and that kinda got me thinking... there are a lot of reasons i have wanted to leave this site in the past, and i think its time for me to move on. this is really hard for me because deviant art has been my main art site before any other site since i was literally a child. my following here is bigger than it is anywhere else, all other social medias arent even close. and i am really eternally grateful for that!! im grateful for anyone who has watched me this long and is reading this.. and while i may try to contact DA to get that account, its not my first priority, instead i want to focus on starting fresh with my new name. i really hope you all understand and im really sorry if its inconvenient for you to follow me on other platforms... but if you do choose to follow me elsewhere, i would be eternally appreciative! so.. with all that being said, here is everywhere else you can find me currently:

wolfhome/chatlands: PSYCHE both on the forums and in chat -

i will be keeping this account, not sure if i will delete it later but ill at least be checking in on it for a while longer if anyone wants to ask me anything before i kinda just.. stop using or delete this account .. feel free to comment or private message me if u wanna ask for my discord or ask anything, but i dont wanna just give that out to everyone @_@ dont be shy to ask tho.. thank u all again for watching me, whether its only been for a lil while or if you have watched me throughout the years.. thank u all so, so much <3

designing an oc w/ music, might do other doodles after wards too!!
hey nyall
so as u might have guessed from the releasing several adopts lately lmao.. i kind of rly need money so im trying to come up with any way i can to get more commissions or profit from my hard work on my art in some way while im in the process of trying to secure a day job. 

but SOB STORY ASIDE lmao i wanted to ask my followers here what kind of stuff u would b interested in. like.. should i just keep trying to make more adopts? i feel like im not rly having any luck there but maybe im not trying hard enough. should i try my hand at some YCHs and if so what kinda poses or things are preffered? or should i maybe offer a special commission type or put an existing commission type on sale, like bargain headshots or flat colors or something?

ANY ideas or comments r welcome!! a link to my regular commission types n prices are on my page if u need something to refer to/my current pricing. thank u and i love u all for watching me and supporting me even if u cant buy art from me! just following me & any input is rly greatly appreciated <3
so uhhhhhh my computer broke like a couple days ago i forgot how many days its been but i havent been able to do any digital art obviously lmao BUT! im getting a new one ordered on monday nd hopefully itll arive soon after!! i could upload some traditional stuff ive done but i dont have a scanner so it would all b shitty phone pics lmao. anddd idk if ppl rly wanna see that or if it would look out of place w the rest of my art? idk lemme know what u think if ur reading this if u wanna see it. otherwise thank yall for being patient especially if i owe u something!!
hey yall i rly wanna join toyhouse but idk anyone with codes lmfao so i wanna offer a headshot or bust in a style like this except it would be flat colored

hmu in the comments or note me if ur interested!!! no human characters tho im sorry to say rip
not for me but a friend from wolfhome who's having a hard time with some sick rats! <da:thumb id="740288282"/> they are also taking commissions and their art is super cute, affordable and good so check it out!!

im finally gonna try and get back on top of uploading lmfao ive been practicing a fair amount w traditional but im too lazy to upload any of that BUT NOW I CAN DO GAY DIGITAL SHIT AGAIN!!! YEAH BOIZ!

its a huion h430p which ive never had a huion before but it seems p cool so far.. hopefully i dont FUCK IT UP! but so far the pressure and everything works but its SO FUCKING SMALL its like barely larger than my hand... tbh tho not bad for 50 bucks...
i havent posted a journal in forever lmfao sup yall anyone still watchin me.. if anyone out there is wonderin why i havent uploaded in a while heres my cool new excuse: tablet machine broke and im too lazy to like properly scan and upload any of my traditional art.. much less even DO IT!! cuz im gay and have kinda been in a rut lmfao i miss digital art so much fam im so bad at traditional.. but im trying ok.. im gettin some new materials soon so hopefully that will inspire me to draw more and i can upload some shit..

thank u if u did happen to read this i appreciate ya .. appreciate my followers i blow yall a kiss..
hey yall, firstly thanks to anyone who commented on my last journal, i didnt reply to anyone cuz i didnt rly know how to respond but i really, really appreciated all the advice/input. <3 yall da real mvps

 so i decided i like my lil following i have, and not to mention my killer username, but i wanted to start with a clean slate in terms of my art. ive been feelin pretty bad lately about how much my art has stagnated and i just.. rly felt like i needed to change it up u know? so im gonna be trying to be a lot more experimental... also gonna be redoing any refs of characters i wanna use, cuz ive been neglecting most of em anyways. the ones i dont use ill just keep hidden away in case i ever wanna use em again i guess, or some of them i might sell if anyone is interested in any specific ones.

anyways if you have any art i did for u that i uploaded on this account and you want me to take it out of storage so you can save it, lemme know. sorry if this has caused anyone an inconvenience in any way. hopefully you guys stay tuned and my art doesnt lose whatever appeal it had before. thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone know!!
recently i had one of those gay "i need to discard all my art and start  completely from scratch and revamp my style entirely" moments and i still keep thinking about it so i might actually try to start fresh on a new account or something.. but... i wanted to put this up for discussion in general like...

do you guys think its like.. bad or unhealthy to want to just start everything over, art wise? or do u think it helps move ur art forward? idk how to phrase it more eloquently lol but im just wondering about my watchers opinions... if i wanna do it imma do it anyways so its just curiosity more than anything i suppose but... yeh........ like comment subscribe below if u feel like idk
hey guys i wanna do more art but ive been seriously struggling to think of anything to draw for myself @_@
soo im having a little special on a couple of flat color headshots!! im only gonna do a limited amount of slots so get em while theyre hot :'D
theyre gonna be a flat price of $2 or 150 points and you may only get one per slot, no human/human-faced characters pls but otherwise any animal or mythical creature is fine!
the style will be similar to these examples

thank you for looking n_n comment below to claim a slot!!

current slots:
1,2,3 - cutthroat-canid 
4 - 
5 -
i dont know how to post a status from my computer this isnt really journal worthy at all but GUESS WHO HAS TWO THUMBS AND JUST CAUGHT A GHASTLY ON POKEMON GO??

sorry if ur a commissioner and i havent gotten it done yet, i just wanted to update and say im workin on the next batch of planet adopts rn and then ill get done w my to do list in the next day or 2 ;v; thanks for everyones patience ugh i feel so bad fornot uploading enough 
so uh im downloading gw2 rn to see if i like it oops lmao.. its only the free to play version to see if it run and if i like it n stuff but......
 i might buy it if its fun and if i can get it for discounted but I RLY DONT KNOW at least theres the free to play so i can run around as a big gay furry

i already saw a couple ppl i watch upload screencaps so i know a couple nice ppl play but.. any of u play?? if so what server do u play n stuff?? its still dling but i rly wanna wait n make my char before i sleep and aaahahshdbd 
friendly reminder that i am open for commissions and my prices are very negotiable do not be afraid to haggle at all
basically my parents might move to another country and i may have to start paying rent and stuff sooner than anticipated 
of course im still trying to get a regular job right now but it would be ideal if i could get some art income
i updated some examples and everything heres my commission info again thank you so much for reading!!

  official commission info i guess??because like a whopping two people have noted me about it so i guess i should make one on DA haha..
general info;
status - open
i accept paypal and points. however, all prices are listed in USD. point prices are about a dollar higher than the price of USD commissions because i vastly prefer paypal. i dont really have much of a need for points so i hope that's understandable and fair haha. the prices in points are now equal to the USD amount because i need some sort of income even if points are slower i can turn them into real money lol.
also note that the following are prices per character, and i may request a raised price if the commission is especially complex.
when you commission me, please note me or comment here the following info:
- a reference image, either a photos or digital images. no descriptions, sorry!
- information on what position/theme/any specifics on the content of the commission
- what type of commission from the following list you want or if you wanna suggest anothe

and check out my 4 sale folder too im workin on adopts and p2u linearts soon and shit like that thank you again xoxo
pls someone do an art trade with me i feel like really really bad right now and need to distract myself so yea ill do a couple probably just comment with a ref orsomething 
im getting a new tablet on monday omg... im so excited!! hopefully this one wont have annoying charging issues like my current one so hopefully that will mean more regular uploads :') im just really happy and excited and i felt like sharing w u guys <3 
i got 300 watchers now wtf i dont deserve it but thank yall anyways ;_;
i just want to dedicate this journal to any one whos ever drawn my ocs whether it be for a trade, commission or just a gift....... i love art of my ocs and i love anyone who draws them tbh askjhdjd and IT JUST.. MAKES ME FEEL REAL SPECIAL SO THANK U GUYS xooxoxxox  u make me happy and u deserve to be happy ..... also ive been getting a steady trickle of new watchers even tho i havent rly uploaded much so to all my watchers i love u too.. kdhsajk and I JSUT LOVE EVERYONE DA HAS ENOUGH NEGATIVITY ITS TIME 2 SPREAD POSITIVITY AND HAPPINESS IN GENERAL make a journal about ppl u love spread the love man........

ok wow that went from thanking ppl 2 some hippie bullshit real fast but i mean it ok...
yea i wanna do an art trade or two depending on how many ppl respond.. but pls if we traded somewhat recently id prefer to trade with some new people!! i mean i wont get mad or anything its just if i get too many ppl asking youll be less likely to get picked..

bt yea just leave a comment with a ref and if i wanna trade then ill reply and if i dont then i probably will just not answer jahsd sorry !!