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Sad Dean by baretoedgirl Sad Dean :iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 3 0 Feminist!Becky by baretoedgirl Feminist!Becky :iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 1 0 Castiel by baretoedgirl Castiel :iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 3 2 city trees by baretoedgirl city trees :iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 2 0
we walk
we walk
because we must
some of them say we
because we live in this world
and we cannot hide
or live without gazes sliding over us
hardening cruelly
or narrowing in suspicion
so we walk
we sway
we swagger
rolling our hips and planting our feet
firmly on the ground
saying "here I am
I am not afraid of your eyes
your stranger's eyes staring
as if I were the alien
a stranger in a strange land
my own land
but never belonging
the land I walk over
testing my feet
balancing on heel and toe
rolling forward
taking step after step
in the defiant dance of
my walk
for I will not be ashamed
of the length of my stride
or the hit of my heel
your fear cannot make me crawl!"
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 2 2
it's a grey whale sky
today, heavy and immense
under which I am crawling slowly
sluggish as sap
I'm thinking about
how difficult you make it
to get close to you
and stay there
and not drift
I try to anchor myself
but end up like the
bare-limbed, still wintering trees
standing alone
in empty fields, abandoned
even by the birds
we haven't spoken in three days
and my heart lies heavy, heavy
in my aching chest,
trying to slumber through
the cold months to some distant
dream of spring
while fog rolls across the hills
rising and falling
with last year's dry grass
and I shiver in my coat, wondering
when will I see you again
mud sucks at my shoes
the golden flowers by the
road seem too early
too early
breaking from frozen earth
into the chill air lingering
where I walk
blowing steam in puffs
missing the sun
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 3 0
Starbucks Heartache
I wasn’t lonely until I saw them
Two gleaming heads close
One slender arm slung
Along the other’s chair back
No one else existing at all
I wanted it then for myself
So keenly that I had to look away
Or break right there
I sat very still for a while
Trying not to look
Because looking made my eyes
Prick dangerously
Until finally I just had to escape
Into the cool, clean, white tiled restroom
Leaving my things under strangers’ eyes
So I might be free to
Cheeks burning
Hands gripping my hair
Face twisted to stop the ache
My sudden, sharp loneliness escaping
With violence
Into this sterilized Starbucks
All my pain and doubt and insecurity
Shouting loud in my head and heart:
“You’ll never be that girl with her arm
Around her lover
You’ll never be that girl who’s being held”
Instead just another
Poor lonely queer girl crying silently
In a public restroom
While a line forms slowly outside
Going back out into the nois
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 4 16
You’re my best friend
And as if that weren’t complicated enough
I’m pretty sure you’re straight
And I’m pretty sure you don’t know
I’m not
But my heart doesn’t understand these things
My heart doesn’t want to listen to my reasons
Why this is a bad idea
It just wants
And while most of the time I don’t know
If what I feel for you is just friendship mixed
With sisterhood and loneliness or
Something more dangerous
Right now I want to kiss you
I don’t go farther than that in my mind
I don’t know what you’d do or say
Or how I’d even go about kissing you
I just know I want it
So if you’re wondering
That’s why my eyes look a little glazed
Over our cups of steaming caffeine
That’s why when you ask me if I’m okay
I laugh before I tell you I’m fine
I’m just tired
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 0 5
Who have we been all these years,
You and I
What parts have we played
Who wrote the scripts we faithfully
Rarely improvising
Hesitant to break character
Unwilling to breach the distances
Cross the stage
From our assigned positions
So well rehearsed
Enter stage left
Exit the same
Never surprising ourselves
Or the audience
Who was us but amplified
Our voices echoing
In the empty theatre we made
Thrown back at us in mockery
From the highest seats
The balconies
Blacker smudges in the dark
And filled with empty faces
Our faces
Watching us circle one another
Upon the dusty boards
Making small talk and big talk
But never once faltering
Flawless actors
Lost in our characters
Who we once were
What we could have been
If only once
We had fumbled our lines
And let something
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 1 6
I’m headed for a fall
It’s going to hurt when I hit bottom
But oh the plummet!
The exhilaration
Sharp wind against my cheeks
Swooping, soaring stomach
My arms spread wide to catch
The beautiful earth rushing
To meet me
I wouldn’t give this up
The bruises and broken bones
For any solid ground
:iconbaretoedgirl:baretoedgirl 0 2
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Artist | Literature
United States
Things to Know:

1. I am a huge geek.

2. I am deathly loyal to Paul McCartney.

3. I identify as queer and asexual.

4. I love ancient cultures.

5. I have a MA in Museology (Museum Studies).

6. I love flying to other countries and meeting the people there.

7. I love laughing. Even at myself.

8. I love cats and am meh about dogs.

9. I love tea.

10. I love going for long, quiet, rambling walks by myself. I like being by myself in general actually.
Yesterday I went on a hike and it was so beautiful and so green and SO WINDY, and my hair got blown every which way until I felt completely free, with nothing left to hide and I realised

I would like to write like that.

So I am going to try to post more often now, and get this rusty brain of mine moving again, because somehow yesterday inspired me when nothing else has been able to.

Happy Spring, everyone! DO STUFF.
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Aww thank you, love! I know I'm never on here, but I hope you've had a nice Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year's! :D
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