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Everything you need to know about Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is the process of removal pubic hair from female and male genital area.

When it comes to male and female pubic hair removal, you can find many different methods being followed.

Out of those methods, Hollywood Hair Removal has received a lot of attention. That’s because it removes pubic hair completely from the surrounding area, including bum, labia and lower abdomen.


A laser light is used to target hair follicles and destroy the melanin inside.

The pigment within hair follicle would absorb light pulse from the laser. It can damage hair follicle and discourage regrowth. Only the hair follicle can absorb laser beam and surrounding tissues will not be affected by it.

The laser hair removal process is called as photo-thermolysis. Photo refers to light, whereas thermolysis refers to destruction with heat. Main reason behind the popularity of laser hair removal is the ability of it to destroy hair follicles, without any kind of impact on the skin.

This method is completely different from electrolysis. In electrolysis, an electric current is sent directly into the hair follicle. It will be a time-consuming and a painful process. However, laser hair removal is not time-consuming and the user experience almost no pain. It can target a large volume of hair within a short period of time as well. Please click on the following link:…

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