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Published: April 21, 2007
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One of my biggest peeves for sure.
For those of us that can actually write a complete sentence without resorting to using 'u' for 'you', or 'r' for 'are' or who doesn't type LiKe ThIs AnNoYiNg ShIt. And seriously 'your' is NOT the same as 'you're'.

I might be a tad bit hormonal tonight. Apologies.
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Migatte|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I only use the AnNoyINg sHIt when I'm mocking someone like the Mocking Spongebob meme.
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Adopts-and-Designs|Hobbyist General Artist
It annoys me so much when English is someone's first language, and they can't speak/type it properly. x.x
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Twilight---Fox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
A sentence has a period :I
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Polarized-Wolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I speak using full words and sentences most of the time, but I do use text abbreviations sometimes as well.
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heejins|Hobbyist Digital Artist
what's ironic is that you don't have the period. LMAO
and there's also people who don't have English as their first language.
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Chaya-Alynna|Student General Artist
using! I am author and i hate it with this as an issue now! Yes, I do it too
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Tangle-Giantess's avatar
...and yet you don't have a period at the end...
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Troops21|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't always. So kill me please.
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Supercoco142|Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's this one person who does sentence fragments and confusing grammar errors, and when I try to help her, she just flips out and makes a journal about it!

(she also has alot of whiteknights )
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Kittin-The-Creator's avatar
Kittin-The-Creator|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I completely understand. As a writer and someone who tries to be taken seriously. Of course my Dysgraphia gets in the way sometimes but oh well
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You forgot the period/full stop.
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rikyako|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Temmie disapproves of this stamp.
Bob Icon 
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AngryCarrotCake|Professional Artist
I usually don't talk in text speak, but I often use it at times when it's in an informal context and other times I use it in a mocking sort-of way.
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It really is one of my biggest pet peeves that get on my nerves all the time  :/
occasionally I say Lol but that's all nothing more nothing less
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AsahiGirl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I write in complete sentences, but I'm not a Grammar Nazi.
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Ask-Mary-Of-Ib|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I talk in a sloppy way IF:
I am not interested!
You made a stupid and illogical statement.
You are my friend and you already learnt my attitude.
I just hate you.
I think you're dumb and try to use small words.
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pastelgazelle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I only type like that when I'm talking privately to a friend, like on Skype or something.
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TheLepuintet|Hobbyist General Artist
i agree wit u i hate when ppl do that 2 iTs sO aNnoYinG

Haha, just kidding. xD It's the internet, so I don't really mind if people fail miserably at their grammar (even though it does make them look stupid sometimes). I wouldn't exactly consider myself a "grammar nazi" ;) However, I try to use appropriate grammar most of the time because lots of people rarely take you seriously if not.
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FoxxyPinkFox|Student General Artist
no 1 cares 
the internet hates u
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applefanfic|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gewd 4 u
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LostAtSeaOFF|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconthisplz: :iconthumbsupplz:
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AquosBoost|Student Digital Artist
wow how surprising
i can too
i just choose not to
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NiftyNautilus|Student Traditional Artist
A complete sentence ends with a period.
B, C, U, and R are letters, not words.
Glad I'm not the only one to hold this in regard.
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