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winter field

Actually taken a year ago in one of our back fields - it's much too windy and snowy to go outside right now :D :D
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Dec 31, 2007, 4:41:33 PM
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Wow, how is this one not in my faves already? It's got that perfect ethereal look~

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Thank you so much! :D It's in one of our back fields :nod: although i’m not sure this particular tree is still alive. We lost quite a few from drought.

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I'm glad you captured this. I love winter and snow. It's so desolate and beautiful.
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Thanks :D I went out wearing heavy boots and warm socks (and other clothes) and photographed for as long as I could stand it!

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I thought you didn't like shoes. This picture must have meant alot to you.
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Here in Canada I have to wear boots in the winter :(

But yes, I really did want to take it.


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How's Canada? Everyone here busts it. Do alot of people speak french there?
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Very few people speak French where I live.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Canada in much of the US as far as I can tell, everything from thinking it's a communist country since everyone has access to free healthcare, to thinking we live in igloos or are lumberjacks wearing long dresses.

People respect one another in Canada, though, and are friendly. And we have same-sex marriage, yay :D
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I'd assume so. What do Canadians think of the US? Yep the US upsets me, I want to move somewhere where I can express myself freely. I wish Gay marriage was legal here. They kill people who are gay where I'm from. I have to keep quiet alot. I fight alot for gay marriage and Civil rights, but when it comes down to it the people here are scared. It makes me a bit lonely aside from friends. So tell me about Canada it sounds nice.
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My husband is from the US. When he first came here he thought Canada was very far behind the US in many ways, but over the course of a year or so came to realise that in fact it is not behind, because it is not following. I have met other people who came here from the US and had a similar experience.

I won't say there is no homophobia, as there is, especially in rural areas. We live in the country, and by and large it's OK, and certainly no violence. When we were in Toronto, the Pride parade there gets about a million people watching (!), and there aren't really any problems. One year there were 6 arrests, of people going completely naked, but the charges were dropped, and usually there's little or no crime. I think it helps also that "hate speech" is a crime here.

In the summer it does get hot and humid (40C/100F is the hottest here), and in the winter it can get cold (-40C/-40F is the coldest I've seen), but I like it a lot :D :D

Where are you? Your profile says Minor Outlying Islands.

On the other hand, maybe your home needs people who will fight for rights.

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I do like the misty-ness of this image ... very depressing yet hopeful... if that is possible to feel both at the same time...
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Thanks! :D :D and thanks for looking, 'n welcome back 'n stuff :nod: :nod:

I was hoping for something even mistier, but probably needed a filter I didn't (and still don't) have.

I should get one!

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Oh dear... bleak and cold and desolate? Or still and peaceful and beautiful and wonderful? Or both at once?
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ah ok, cool (er, so to speak!), thanks :D
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Gorgeous, Liam! :+fav:
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Wow, i thought it was black and white, it's so nostalgic!
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Wow that was fast! Thank you! :D
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No problem!
Yeah, four minutes after you posted the image, not my record by the way.
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