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Forgotten Wars

Darlings, you need to do the Full View thingy or you won't see all the pretty words :-)

The original drawing is from an engraving that Charles Knight published in 1845; I coloured it, and spent an afternoon manipulating it when I was supposed to be concentrating on a meeting. Well, I did concentrate on the meeting too.

I wrote the text. The ruins in the picture are part of a Roman wall at Silchester in England.

Many empires have come and gone in history - is it really so important to be dominant for just a few hundred years?
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The poem you wrote reminds me strongly of a passage of Nightwish"s song "Creek Mary's Blood":

"Our Spirit was here long before you, long before us, and long will it be after your pride brings you to your end".
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Yeah, it's not a new theme I'm afraid :D

Thanks for looking!

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The same scenarios repeat themselves here on Earth over and over again.
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wow! if i see it in a glance i thought it's either color pencils or pens. amazing! And as somebody who is inlove with ancient history, bravo!
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I did that piece as the US was trampling over Iraq, thinking of how the American Empire too will crumble and fade, in time. So I was in an anti-war mood even more than usual.

People in the West still read Aristotle, Plato, Homer, Arrian, Plutarch, even if we don't go naked to the gymnasium or have to hire child-minders (pedagogues) to help our sons choose a suitable gay lover :-)

The picture was for me an experiment in using a controlled pallette of colours. I'm glad you liked it, thanks!

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:wow::!: I must admit, that is gorgeous indeed!!!! The words are excellent, sorrow-filled but truthful!!! The colored trees are simplly stunning!!!

I can't help it :+fav: it I must!!!!

My favorite Terry Pratchett as of yet is "Mort", but I'm open to his other works as well:D :!: Stunning!!!
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You are too kind :D it was inspired by the US invading Iraq.

It was a lot of fun to do the colouring trying to use a restricted pallette.


PS: I think I agree about Mort.
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it looks really nice :d

I love the pictures as well!
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thanks! *smile*

Partly it was an experiment with a controlled pallette, a different technique for me.
I will upload more of the pictures I think.

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well, if nothing else, it atleast would be a challenge to be able to show those who never heard of terry pratchett that " this is the trousers of time", without first telling them.. ;)
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Pretty painting. Really nice coloring. Feels somewhere in between dry pens and oilcolors.

The text reminds me of a passage from The Science of Discworld, where the comedy of Terry Pratchett makes interesting science even more fun. One of the points the writers made, when talking about evolution and extinction was something along the lines of:
"Humans like to think that they're the crown of creation. But we seem to be here more by chance than anything. And thinking in the large numbers evolutionary eras come in, we might be at a close end. There might have been intelligent life before us, which we don't know of. And if there will be 'intelligent life' sometime after us, they might never know. Because in a few million years, even most traces we can leave behind to testify of our progress, will be gone."
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I loved the Science of Discworkd book!
Maybe I should try and draw the Trousers of Time! :-)
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