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This is barefootliam's stock account.  Or it could be a sock account. :nod:

Stock Terms and Conditions

I make the images available for the DeviantArt Community.

You can use the images here in any work on DeviantArt\ without needing any permission or paying any fee. When you use a stock item, put a link to your work in a comment on the item's page, and link back to it from the description of your own work.

You can use the pieces non-commercially for any purpose whatsoever; again I'd like a link back if possible.

I'll add your work to the favourites on this account so that people can see how the stock was used.

You can use the pieces commercially with permission, but in this case you must also send me a copy, and the cost is that you must go barefoot for a day, i.e. all the time for 24 hours entirely. Ok, I'm weird. Live with it. ask first because I don't want my stock used to promote hate-speech organizations such as Baptist churches or neo-nazis. Alternatively you can pay me in points or money.

Use the download link by the image for the full-sized image in most cases

Somel of the original photographs (before I cleaned them up) are also available from… - often in higher resolution and mostly public domain (so you can use them commercially if you like without having to go barefoot for a day!) but I also spent a lot of time processing these images to clean them up.  You can also search the pictures there, which is good because there are well over ten thousand of them.

If you don't want to go barefoot but you have used my stock, and e.g. want to make a print or to exhibit in a gallery, contact me at barefootliam and we'll work something out.

I do take requests for photos.  Send a note to barefootliam or email me (liam at holoweb dot net) mentioning the colour of your socks.  After January 2007 the photos were taken with a Canon SLR rather than with the Casio point-and-shoot, and are higher quality. If necessary I may be able to re-shoot some of the older pictures on request.

You might also like my other Web site with over 3,000 pictures from old books.
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