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Stone gargyle pack

A gargoyle is a decorative waterspout in the shape of a fantastical creature or grotesque human. They were commonly used on churches and public buildings in the Middle Ages. I photographed most of these gargoyles from the side of a Gothic Revival building in Germany.

There are twenty original photographs of stone gargoyles in this pack.

Image sizes are between 1520x1290px (the smallest) and 2442x1560px; all except the smallest are at least 1600px on the smallest side. There's a small URL in one corner of each image, easy to remove but there to discourage people from redistributing the images as-is; the URLs are not on the actual gargoyles themselves.

The terms are non-commercial use and on deviantart only; if you want to use the image commercially, *ask first*: send a note to this account of barefootliam or email liam at holoweb dot net if you prefer.  I will probably say no if it is to promote an organization that incites violence or hatred or discrimination.

On deviantart, please give credit.

if you want to use the image for a print, go barefoot for a day and let me know you did it :D
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