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Old leather book on table 2



This large book, about a metre (36 inches) high, was in the lounge in the Celestine Hotel in Tokyo. It is a fac-simile of an old book. You can see also the binding, and other shots, in other photographs here.

It is sitting on a coffee table here, with the spine facing the camera, rather than the fore-edge. Note that the nearest corner is most sharply in focus.

It is leather-bound with brass corners, and it is held
closed with brass clasps. You could use it as an antiquarian book, or for that matter a prayer book, bible or even a wizard's spell-book or book of shadows. Harry Potter might use it to hit Ron on the head.

Use the Download link for the full-sized image

I can also let you have the original image if you like, which is twice as large on each side. Or the raw-format photograph.


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