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Scapa Flow Sunset by barefootliam Scapa Flow Sunset :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 4 4 Moose River by barefootliam Moose River :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 16 0
The History Lesson
Juliette closed the window behind her and stepped quietly, carefully, onto the porch roof, shoes crunching in the fresh snow. The bedroom light came on seconds after she’d dropped to the ground. She ran unseen, unheard, a happy memory in the night.
“Andrew, are you asleep?”
“No, dad, working on history.”
But in the day when Andrew was at school, his mother cleaned the room and, looking out through the window, saw footprints in the snow.
Andrew’s lesson was that Juliette’s visits were history.
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 3 4
Ring of Brogdar by barefootliam Ring of Brogdar :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 10 4
Wrong Number, Right Number
I hear the ringing bell and run to lift
the phone. A pause deceives: I'm not alone!
a beep, a hiss, a whirr, a click, i shift
my gears — it's hot, a fax machine — I moan!
No greater love, no ecstasy unknown
could turn my drum and print my dreams so fast
As samsung's plastic printer, pleasure sown
on beds of office paper, ink light-fast.
My tension quickly mounts, so soon a vast
and beep-ful rhythm builds! Oh God! I sing
to thee in clicks and whirrs, my boat's tall mast
under thy bridge of love must pass, must sting!
My own output, snow-white descends from me:
no flat white sheets — but only drops are seen.
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 2 6
life behind a cage
[i wrote this in 2004 as a comment on a photography by necrotoxic]
life behind a cage
Always shall I remember
The day we sat in the park
In frosts of early December
You stroked my chin so softly
And hugged me tight and close
I shivered and wished that I could flee
My power spent, I wept
To be no more a mage
But a slave in a prison kept.
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 1 0
Buried Alive
Buried Alive
What work shall have been done, what wrong
Shall the bird's song cover, the green tree cover, what wrong
Shall the fresh earth cover?
Can't move
No escape
Cold earth
Pressing down
Mud on back
Try to climb
Broken legs
Nothing works
Broken me
Reaching up
For nothing
Reaching out
For no-one
No escape
Save the last
Cloying breath
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 3 0
Pumpkin Boy
[poem inspired by (and left as a comment to) a watercolour painting of an orange-haired young man with a green shirt, purple tie and checquered waistcoat, done by spiderlady although the picture seems to be gone. I hope she didn't remove it because of my poem!]
Pumpkin Boy
What would ye be doin' with yer witchin'
Goin' an' paintin' a picture like that an' all
So I'm mad with lust me, an' it's down to you,
Ye've dressed him up so pretty like,
Be a waste to tear that shirt so fine
But I cannot be waitin', I want him,
I need him, he's so real...
So I printed him out,
But when I tried to undress him
The paper tore
And I cried.
I hope I've not hurt your pretty boy
He still looks the same in your gallery
But to me he'll always have that great white tear
Running down one side of him
And into my heart
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 2 2
Santo Stefano, Bologna - Holy Sepulchre by barefootliam Santo Stefano, Bologna - Holy Sepulchre :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 7 5
Poetry for the Masses
[trigger warning: institutionalized child abuse]
Poetry for the Masses
The priest raises the chalice
An altarboy swings the thurible
The scent of holiness fills the air
Sacred smoke rising like a prayer
The bread the wine the cup and platter
these are the symbols, the props
setting a stage to hide the buggery
pope and archbishop, here's a poem for the Masses
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 1 0
Mature content
Time Travels By :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 1 0
The Kiss
Inspired by: The Kiss by sisterdew
When winter's grip kept us in darkness
   He gazed at me
When early thaws dripped into March
   He touched me
When cold rains came down in floods
   He kissed me
Summer came early this year.
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 6 14
Burrs 2 by barefootliam Burrs 2 :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 10 4



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Thank You

Mon Dec 10, 2018, 2:03 PM
A big thank you to BlackBowfin for featuring The Legend of the Seagulls as my first Daily Deviation; i’ve been here for fifteen years but i’m really only starting to get more serious about writing, so this is very encouraging.

And thank you also to salshep and the people in the Community Literature chat (which you can join here) for comments, critiques, encouragements.

Someone also gave me a one month core Membership, so thank you for that—i’d let mine expire as i’m out of work right now. Thank you!

“Legend of the Seagulls” got some helpful comments yesterday, and i've also found some new writing groups and met some fabulous writers here as a result of the exposure. The piece got over 500 views in a few hours, which is maybe less than one might get for a painting of a scantily-clad female warrior facing a dragon but a lot of a piece of writing on this site.

I’d been looking for some other site where i could get help with improving my writing, but i’m starting to find it here. I’ve also found i can share what little i know and help people, for example with my simple thy/thine tutorial.

There are still issues around uneven moderation, around literature as a second-class citizen, and uncertainty around Eclipse making literature a non-citizen altogether, but for now i have hope again, and feel encouraged.

The Legend of the SeagullsAt the end of Autumn the ground started to harden, the worms grew harder to pull, and the Difficult Time approached when so many seagulls died each year of cold and hunger.  The gulls had been following a plough and eating a hearty breakfast of fresh worms when the Angel of the Lord appeared to them. At least, he said he was the Angel of the Lord.
“Behold, I bestow a quest on all gathered here present. Who will take it from me?”
The gulls were not sure how to react. One seagull who was pulling at a particularly juicy worm was widely regarded as their leader: she turned to look at the Angel of the Lord, who appeared, as you would expect, to be a wingless bird.
The Angel of the Lord raised one leg. In his bird-foot was clutched something white. Not the nice fresh bread the gull hoped for, but a small thick piece of paper or card. It had marks on it.
“I shall leave you. Should you all achieve this quest, then a great many lives shall be saved.”
Several of the
  Thou/thee/thine tutorialIf you want convincing story-lines that include "old-fashioned" or fantasy-sounding dialogue with Thee and Thou, but you aren't sure how to make it convincing, this is for you.
It's easy if you take a little care and maybe practise a bit. The Book of Common Prayer is full of examples.
Thou works like You except it's singular:
I am going to the bar, because I am thirsty.
Thou goest unto the inn, for thou art thirsty!
You two are going to get a spanking.
He goeth so slowly he hath grown roots.
We go every day.
They go too.
Notice how the verb (the doing-word) changes too. thou gets >i>est</i> and he (or she or it) gets eth.
There's always an exception: are
I am / you three are / thou art / he is / we are / they are
The -eth ending happens now. He runneth, thou runnest (or run'st). Tomorrow, I will run, thou shalt run, he shall run, they'll run, and so on.
Never use -eth for the past or future tense. Use runneth just exactly when you would

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