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'Til I Find Myself Again
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Published: May 12, 2010
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Okay, so this is one 'scenery' piece that got way, way out of hand. While I was sketching one of the ideas the nice folks at the Vale offered me, I got way too involved in the background, which suddenly didn't fit the characters in the foreground, so I dropped the figures into another file to finish later.

I'm enchanted by ~Kyomu's landscapes, and I'm trying to teach myself to use a much more limited color palette to get that really fresh look that's just saturated with light. I want to have picnics in his pictures. If you haven't visited him, you totally should.

Meet Breakwater. Breakwater has amnesia.

Breakwater is constantly losing his keys.

It kind of sucks to be Breakwater right now, really.
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distomeHobbyist General Artist
Wow! This is fabulous! I love those clouds and especially that color palate! I'm impressed with your ability to take sharp brushes (at least they look sharp), and still produce smooth gradients and soft textures (clouds)!
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TheAntimonyElementHobbyist General Artist
This is really spectacular! The lighting especially is really marvelous. :3
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Thank you so much!
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StarhorseProfessional General Artist
this is really a cool piece, I really like the pastel color scheme (something that usually tuns me off but is working well here) and Breakwater really pops as the most saturated, dark value element. really a nice thing going on.
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Thank you! I was really inspired by the artist I listed in the notes - somehow they take that light color scheme and make it look like it's vibrant with living light, rather than just washed out. I wanted to try something different, too, and restrict myself with the color palette. I tend to go way overboard in spite of my best attempts to avoid it, and the background ends up looking amateurish or cartoony.
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LarraChersanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful scenery! The clouds and the grass look so amazingly real, one could feel the wind passing over them! :wow:
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sweeney-todd-warriorHobbyist General Artist
So amazing!!!
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Rillers wants to ride one of her lovelies bareback there! Pretty!
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That is stunning. I'm so jealous of your ability to create such amazing landscapes and Breakwater looks totally at peace there, regardless of the amnesia. ;)

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hermitchildHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! That looks beautiful. I can almost feel the wind.
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zaknafein77Professional Digital Artist
Great land scape!
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Kimblewick Digital Artist
Absolutely gorgeous, I love the soft greens against the bright blue, and the stunning scenery.
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JEAikmanHobbyist Digital Artist
wow this is really amazing :D
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Thanks so much, *jordanpopz! I'm glad you like it. :)
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist
I agree with the comments above. This is absolutely gorgeous. I cant get over the difference in your style here and the warmth and comfort that the landscape has. It really does look like you could just picnic in the soft grasses, and I love that. I also really like how bright the colors are. They just seem so healthy and green and growing. It's fantastic and I love it. I'm also really taken with the sky, which I think is the strongest thing in the pic, for me at least. I love the clouds and just want to stare at them all day. They have a very 'in your face' quality that I love. Very pronounced and not at all wispy and vague.

One tiny critique that I could think of was to maybe add some shadow from the clouds onto the ground? I know you weren't looking for critique but it's just something I thought of that could really add something to the pic. Even though it looks beautiful as it is!

And ittle bitty Breakwater. He's sho cyoot!
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Like I told Feetz, I get the biggest, biggest grin when I see your comments. You guys make all the work worth it.

I love painting clouds. I like experimenting with different shapes and colors, and when I saw ~Kyomu's clouds, uh... well... if it's possible to lust after clouds, I totally did. I wanted to learn how to paint like that.

You're right about the shadows. I tried to add them but I didn't hit them right. I think I got gun-shy about making them too dark and quit before they worked. I rarely consider a painting 'done,' since I save PSD files like a total pack-rat, so you bet I'll be digging back through and taking another crack at it.

Thanks again, Bloo!
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Wow, Scy. Wow.



I can't even think beyond that right now. Just. Wow.

Your backgrounds have always been like eye sex, or candy, but this is just AMAZING.

Good freaking christ woman, I want those clouds. They have to be my absolute FAVORITE part, the sky as a whole I mean is just perfect. I want to live there in that sky, I wish I could fly, and if I could that would be the sort of sky I would want to fly in everyday. I want to lay down in that grass and just stare for hours at that sky.


This Scy, is gorgeous.
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Feetz, I just live for your comments. You and Blue both, you make every bit of effort worth it for the satisfaction of the comments alone. That's exactly what I wanted to accomplish. ~Kyomu's stuff makes me want to wander in it, from the clouds to the grass and the shadows under the trees. I love stuff that hasn't been over-rendered, where you can still see the brush strokes in it.

Thanks so much, Firefeet!
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Stunning! Makes me think of Spirited Away!
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Oooo, wow, thank you, Los! It's been a long time since I saw that film. :hug: You feel like an old married wimmens yet? *G*
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dt-maxwellHobbyist Writer

Seriously. It looks like something out of Studio Ghibli film, and those films are aaaaallll about the scenery porn. Awesome job, Scylla! <3
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
aaaaallll about the scenery porn

omg you are so right, Studio Ghibli is. :giggle:

Thank you, DT!
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
I am ridiculously proud of producing lickworthy art. :giggle:
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