Dangerous affair[Kidnapper!LevixVictim!Reader] Ch2

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Fuck! The icy fear immediately invaded my heart. I held my breath but I already knew I was late. My vision started becoming blurry and my body was going numb. I have to push away his hand with the tissue…I…have to… I struggled weakly but I was only getting slower and slower.

Finally, I gave in and surrendered to the darkness. Strangely, I don’t remember falling to the ground, only two strong arms holding me.






I whimpered and slowly opened my eyes.

Then I froze. I had no idea where I was. Well, on the floor, and my back was resting against the wall, that was all I knew.

Damn! My head ached. I looked around, feeling a bit nauseous.

I was in an attic. It wasn’t really big, but it was perfectly cleaned, I couldn’t see any dust- in fact, I didn’t see anything, any furniture; the attic was empty. Some light came in from a little window, but nothing more. I shook my head and grit my teeth. What happened?

I looked down. I was in a black dress. A black dress…

My eyes widened in shock. I realised that my hands were tied behind my back tightly. I tried to release immediately by moving my hands wildly; I hoped it would loosen up a bit, but it didn’t work. I didn’t see what was it exactly, but I felt that it was some kind of rough, thick rope; it hurt my skin. Then I wanted to untie it with my fingers, but I couldn’t reach the rope on my wrist.

My ankles were tied together too. Nevertheless, I struggled and I managed to stand up. What is this place? Where am I?

So, the black dress. I remember that I was at home, Dad was throwing a party…I was reluctant, but I went to the hall anyway…

Then it hit me. The black haired man! I was dancing with him, then he said he wasn’t okay, I walked him to the washroom, and then…

I gasped as I recalled the kiss. He..he kissed me! How could he! And why? I growled angrily. And after that, he pressed a chloroform soaked tissue to my face.

What was his name? I shut my eyes. It was something easy to remember…Levi! It was Levi.

Not that it matters. Damn it! I was too careless! Just how many times has Dad told me to be cautious…? Tears began to sting my eyes, but I quickly blinked a few times and ignored it. I can’t panic. I have to stay calm and escape before he comes back. Speaking of which, is he alone here? It can’t be one man’s work alone…

It’s obvious that I was kidnapped. I’m still alive, so…


Fuck! I cursed again mentally. I felt like someone was squeezing my throat. Just how useless I am? Letting my guard down in front of a complete stranger and causing trouble for my father…

The only thing that I was really terrified was that…I heard stories about girls being taken away and forced to be prostitutes. As I thought about it, I felt like collapsing.

No, it can’t be, he knew who I was, he even made it sure and asked my name.

I gulped. Stop, stop it! I need to do something. There has to be something.

The window! My heart was suddenly full of hope. If it’s not too high and it’s big enough for me, I could jump out! I was taught how to land properly. Yes, I was tied, but once I’m out, I could ask for help…

Clumsily, with small steps, I started toddling.

”I’m surprised by how lively you are.”

I stopped. That voice.

I turned around – as quickly and naturally as I could with my ankles tied – and stared at him.

It was Levi, wearing a simple black T-shirt and jeans. He was climbing up a ladder. Wait, what? There wasn’t any entrance or hole before!

Then I saw it. There was a trapdoor! How couldn’t I notice?

He got to his feet and looked at me indifferently. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and put it in his mouth. So the smoke I smelled came from him.

”Where the fuck I am?” I demanded, but I sounded incredibly ridiculous. Still, I wasn’t afraid of him, even though I didn’t know him at all.

”You don’t need to know.” He said and lit his cigarette.

My blood was boiling and I wanted to attack him, punch him, kick him, anything at all, something…but I couldn’t. I couldn’t really move and he was too far away from me to jump on him. I fell on my knees in dense despair and bitter helplessness. Tears gathered in my eyes and this time I couldn’t help when they ran down my cheeks. I clenched my teeth as I couldn’t wipe them away. I didn’t want him to see me like that. In fact, noone has seen me cry before.

I turned my head away. This man before me deceived me. He was so nice to me and he betrayed me…I never really trusted anyone in my life and now…

Suddenly I felt a thumb on my face. I could hardly see through my tears, but I could recognise him standing in front of me. My eyes were at the same level as his…well, belt, so I wanted to lower my head but he took my chin and made me look up at him. I felt way too weak to resist.

”Nothing is going to happen to you. You have my word.” He wiped my tears away. The cigarette in his other hand was giving off pale grey smoke. ”I’m not going to hurt you.”

His voice was calm and smooth. He wasn’t gentle or didn’t try to be nice, he simply stated it.

”As if… I c-could believe a word.” I said through my teeth, still shaking and with tears pouring from my eyes.

”You don’t need to believe it.” Levi said. He pulled back his hand from my face, brought the cigarette to his lips and inhaled the smoke. As he was holding it, he was looking at me with blank expression. He must think I’m the most pathetic weakling on the Earth.

He tilted his head backwards and blew the smoke.

”So you need money?” I managed to say after I took several deep breaths.

I saw a strange light in his steel eyes, but he still didn’t show any expression.


Of course. What else could it be?

”Have you contacted my father yet?” I asked, finally equally sternly.

”No. It can wait.”

”Wait?! What are you waiting for?” I snapped. I could already imagine how nervous Dad was. What is Levi doing? Why doesn’t he finish this quickly? We have money and he knows that!

I bet he already warned everybody and they’re looking after me constantly. I seriously  don’t cause anything but problem…

”I’m waiting for your father to be as stressed out as possible so that he would accept any offer.” Levi said plainly.

”That’s not necessary!” I shouted. ”He would accept anything, anytime! So stop playing stupid games!”

He took one last puff of the cigarette – I didn’t know how, it was already very short – then flicked it to the floor.

”I have to be sure that when it comes to the game, as you said, I won’t lose.” He stomped the cigarette out, then turned around to leave.

”Wait!” I called after him. He glanced back, and I looked away in embarrassment. I just had to ask it. ”B-back then…we danced, and you…you even k-kissed me…” Why is my voice shaking? Why can’t I speak properly? He kidnapped me, he doesn’t deserve any feeling but hatred…

”Kiss you?” Levi repeated, raising his eyebrows slightly. ”You call that a kiss? But well, I did it because you looked like you couldn’t handle situations like that. I had to have you surprised and paralyzed. That’s all. About the dance; somehow I had to get your attention. Nothing more.”

I felt my shoulders dropping on their own. The attraction that I felt…was a lie? He was just acting in order to kidnap me. I didn’t expect anything, but…still, this humiliation…

”Go the fuck away.” I said quietly. I had many questions left but right now I didn’t want to see him. I hated him, I hated him so much. But not as much as I hated myself for being such a naive, stupid, weak…

”Not that you won’t have the chance to be alone a lot.” Levi said with no sympathy in his voice at all. Without looking back at me, he went to the trap door and the ladder. ”Scream if you’re hungry. Oh, and one more thing: feel free to check on that useless small window, but this attic is way too high for jumping or trying to escape through it. Also, there isn’t anyone, any house, building or help within…let me estimate, maybe two or three kilometres? So I don’t think it would be nice to do anything.” He paused a bit. ”As I said, you won’t get hurt. That way.”

Oh, so now he added ’that way’. I turned my head away and stayed silent.

”Levi! Darling, are you up there?”

My eyes widened as I heard the girl’s sweet voice. What is this? What?! Does he have a…girlfriend…? It was a young woman’s voice…

I was prepared to toss aside every unpleasant feeling and scream for help, but then Levi answered the woman.

”Yes, I’m with her. But I’m coming back.”

My heart clenched as the new hope was taken away from me as quickly as it came.

Levi didn’t say anything more. He closed the trapdoor as he was climbing down the ladder.

With some difficulty I moved to the wall and leaned against it. I brought my knees to my chest and rested my forehead on them. It was uncomfortable with hands tied back, but there was nothing to do.

When is he going to inform my father about me? And…does that mean I’m stuck in here with Levi and his…girlfriend or wife or I don’t know who…And they kidnapped me together? How sick is that?

He said he wouldn’t hurt me. But how can I believe him…

I raised my head.

I absolutely won’t let this fucked up situation break me. I’m strong, stronger than he thinks! I’ll kill him, I’ll seduce him, anything it takes, but I’ll fucking escape.


Tell me Levi, didn’t you know I was the Commander’s daughter?


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Okay now it's too short. I CAN'T STAND IT SOMETHING IS ALWAYS WRONG I DIDN'T WANT TO LET YOU DOWN it's very hard since so many of you liked the first chapter..><
The third one has to be very long:@ 

...Still, I hope you'll like it.xD Not an action-packed thing though but I think I had to write it that way.
Let me know what you think!^^

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The last name kind of confused me. But the rest was amazing 
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OMG Alreadly hooked 
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Yaaas <3
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Why am I think it's Petra that was the voice? xD
This is getting really good!
I'm excited to read the next chapter! 
Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
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Get down with your bad self
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*Eren is suddenly at the window*


*petra screams then whacks eren with a broom*

Eren: OW :'C
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XD Oh My Gawd!!!
You are now my frikin role model!!!
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It's f'ing Petra isn't it?
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well... well... I admit it was predictable :c ><
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I feel like the female voice is Hanji.  Is it Hanji?  I LOVE HANJI.
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Nope it isn't, but you already know that!:D Hmm I might give her a role later though:D
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lol Awesome.
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Ooooh, that's great! I'm really enjoying it!

But, shit... I don't want him to have a girlfriend... Or wife...
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I'm glad you're enjoying it!:3

Ehehe don't worry about that^^
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I most definitely have Stockholm syndrome. Sooooon. cloudchaincameplz 
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Agreed [EXO] Sehun Emoticon 
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ah you're right >< it just sounded better, I didn't recognise that mistake xD well I'll change it to simply 'Levi' cause he wouldn't want Reader-chan to know her kidnapper's full name xD

thank you ^^
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thank you for the idea:) , but most importantly I want to emphasize the fact that the reader is the daughter of the Commander, and therefore she's not a helpless little girl

well, I prefer the original sentence and obviously the new one that I've made up isn't that good, but Levi's surname is not known so... it can't be helped:/
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