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What is Breeding Value?

Breeding value is the total effect of the animal's genes on the trait of interest. For the interests of this breed, Breeding value will be considered as the total over all genes.

Using the popular model in genetics: P = G + E
P =phenotype
G = Genotype or Genetics
E = Environment

Breeding Value (BV) can be considered part of the genetic component of an animal's phenotype. It has the expectation of passing on half it's breeding value to it's offspring. However, BV is generally estimated, so the amount of it's breeding value passed on can pass on to it's offspring.

Breeding Value of one individual is relative to the Breeding Values of all others in the breed.

Why is it being used?

Breeding Value is a statistical analysis of traits which have 2 or more genes that contribute to it. It is used to select for these certain traits when simple inheritance cannot be determined.

Why is it important?
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