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a forget-me-not baby-dragon



i was supposely inspired by that old gnostic text "The Hymn of the Pearl" where there was the one pearl, in the middle of the sea surrounded by the hissing serpent, but i found a blue stone somewhat more suiting a blue forget-me-not dragon, not to mention blue stones always bring me reminiscences of the bittersweet "Lulu on the Bridge" movie and of one old Polish childrenbook "Karolcia"by Maria Krüger,telling a story about one little girl who finds a blue magic bead-stone that makes wishes come true,
well, i must say - if it the stone that i merged with my drawing has similar powers, then no wonder the little dragon is protecting it so jealously:sherlock:

the original now belongs to lovely Cathy:iconjoeyv7: :)
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i would like this picture in my bedroom.. i love the comfy peace feeling it gives me~