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Feeding the Dragon of Krakow

since I haven't submitted anything in a longer while, I thought I would submit a silly little wintertime drawing I did just for fun a while ago, inspired by a view of one pigeon lady feeding a hungry swarm of pigeons in the middle of the snowy Planty Gardens in Krakow, when the thought came to me then the ever-hungry intrusive pigeons could easily somehow "play the part" of the legendary dragon of Krakow;)
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Już to mam!! Dziękuję Basiu. Oprawiony zyskał na głębi. Ramkę sam musiałem podocinać (wymiar niestandardowy). Muszę kiedyś policzyć te gołębie... Ściskam.
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This idea is very unique, I've never seen anything like it.
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I forgot to add that Krak slew the dragon and build his castle atop its former lair.
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Cracow, said to have been founded c.700 a.d. by prince Krak. The Polish peoples claim their kingdom went back to c.500 with a prince Lesk, brother of Cech,founder of Bohemia, and of Kiif, founder of the Rus. Krak was of the ancient dynasty which ended with Popiel II who was slain by wild mice and his tower sank into lake Polio. Piast succeeded to the throne or chair or whatever.

Prior to Miesko I Poland's history is unauthenticated, but suddenly it was making noise in Europe.
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great idea. the details of their wings and shapes of the trees are amazing.
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Awesome concept :iconblackheartplz:
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This is lovely! 
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Oh wow, that's amazing. I love the pigeons and the snow and the old lady and all of it.
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Such a creative idea! I love it! :)
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It's been too long.  But then again, a single day is too long to go without seeing your work.  An enchanting rendering here, Barbara.  Well done.
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Amazing, imaginative and beautiful!
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this is really great.  Its nice to see your work again.
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