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Autumn At The Kitchen Window

Oil, 60cm x 80cm

Autumn surely is the most inspiring season for painters.

Chinese lanterns, thistles and apples grown around the house at my kitchen window, which is facing a small park.

Daily Deviation
Given 2011-12-31
(Suggested by *violetstory and Featured by ^Mollinda)

Third Place Prize in the contest "Best Of 2011" on Fine Art ([link]).

First Place Prize in the contest "Newest Of The Newest" on Fine Art ([link]).

Third Place Prize in the Art Contest "Still Life Classic Challenge" on ([link])

Recognition Award [link] in the contest "Beauty of Autumn" of #Mystery and Magic" ([link])
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Jan 24, 2012, 3:51:40 PM
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Okay I'm new to critiquing but I'm gonna give it a go because this piece is Beautiful! Im gonna start with what I like, then what I would change if it were mine. The rhythm here makes a lot of sense in your brush strokes. Precision is super, your drawing skills show and that is a huge plus to the over all painting. Dept and atmosphere are nice especially in the lights out side. You did a good job with colors, all the colors seem to be present in one way or another all over the canvas. I like how you put yellows on the white window seal, and the tree colors in the back repeat in the foreground. Fantastic! Some of the shadows up front could be worked a little bit but its fine any way. Really the only thing i would have done to if it were mine is contrast the roller object from the table to stand out a little more subtly from the table and shadows. As well as the side of the apple crate, im talking about the side of the crate with blues. It makes sense because of the texture... but for some reason it stands out from the other objects as not sharing the same source of light? Maybe I'm wrong, did you paint at different times of day light? Very nice piece over all Congrats!
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Thank you so much for your nice comment and all your efforts you had with your thoughtful critique! Don't worry, this is the first one I ever got and I never dared to write one yet! So thank you again!
Now to your question about the light sources:
I got this question already once in the long line of comments rather early. So I simply post my answer here again.
The question of this deviant artist was concerning the light between the "apple box" and the wooden box, but I think my reply would answer your question as well.
"The light really came through between the vase and the wooden box, it gave the board this nice blue glow I tried to save in my painting. On the other hand my kitchen has three tall windows, two in a line (one right to the one you are just looking at and a thrid window on the left in a rect angle to those.
In addition to that the open part of the window reflected some light which were a little enlightening parts to the right again (The sun was shining from the right side). So the sum of these windows, the reflection and the fact that also much light comes from above, might have caused what was kind of confusing you.
This is really painted at the object and not by fantasy. I always do so, I might sometimes save moments in a photo first to keep the situation right in my mind. Flowers can fade and certain sun light disappears after a time. And then I take this as "model" for my painting to be sure that all perspective, proportions (as far as not intentionally altered) and the lighting are okay."
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This is absolutely lovely.💝🌹
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Now this painting has allot symbolism in it's visuals showing the plant's transition from summer to autumn
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Yes, you can spend a lot of thoughts here and it is interesting what the people see and feel :-)
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Beautiful! I think I can smell the crisp air and delicious apples
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Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Soon it is time again...
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Gorgeous, and I love the colors!
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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it.
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Amazing details, love it:rose:
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Lovely details and shading!
Great colors!
Congrats on the DD!
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Thanks so much for your great comment!
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You have a true sense of aesthetics.
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Amazing colours and composition :-)
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You've been featured! [link]
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