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Comic Muh Passion by baratus93

See more of these dumb comics at my tumblr:
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Sketch - $12
Meebles~ by baratus93

Sketch w/ splash colour + shading - $16
ATG Day 3: FITE ME by baratus93
Mike Pinknoy III: The Re-remakening by baratus93

Inked - $18

Inked w/ Colour - $22
Starlight's Forgiveness by baratus93More Limestone Pie, Dangit by baratus93

Added shading - $3
Extra character(s) - $5 per character

No background, or simple pattern gradient - FREE

Tree Hugger by baratus93
Simple background, ~3 colours - $5
Sky And Mindy by baratus93

Complex, show style background, ~6 colours - $8
Maud's First Dance by baratus93

OC Character Sheet - $45
Royal Blue Reference Sheet by baratus93Sky Weaver Reference Sheet by baratus93


-These are paid commissions. You may not ask for free requests.
-All prices listed here are in US dollars (USD).
-Pricing is variable and negotiable depending on the complexity of the piece.

I will NOT draw:
-NSFW content including but not limited to:
-Sexually explicit material, including but not limited to visible genitals or sexual acts.
-Grimdark material, including grotesque, gory or violent material.
-Hateful or offensive content directed towards any individual or group.
-Intense fetish art such as vore.

I will draw:
-Sexually suggestive material that is mild or implicit, such as kissing, or partial nudity.
-Small amounts of blood, but with all limbs still intact
-Innocuous acts such as tickling

If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your request, please don't hesitate to discuss it with me.

-Please contact me through notes on deviantArt with COMMISSION in the title.
-Have a clear idea of what you want. Give as much detail as you want. The more concise your message, the easier it will be for me to draw something that you are happy with.
-Provide at least one reference each for original character(s), or for backdrops and settings. I am not able to draw a character that's in your head that no-one has seen. Please specify your character's colour scheme as clearly as you can if you don't have a coloured reference.

Example Message:
Hey Ben! I was interested in buying a commission from you. I had the idea of my OC Lightning Storm (see reference material below) standing on a rooftop looking badass with the Moon hanging overhead, so that would include a background and be coloured. Some shading with moonlight would look great but I'm not too bothered about a detailed background, just make it centered around the character. That's all I can think of, I hope you can work with that. If you have any further questions or need any extra references, feel free to ask! Thanks, JohnDoe0123."

This is a good message that provides me with a lot of detail about what the piece should look like, and allows me to start forming ideas right away.

-Once we are agreed, an up-front payment is required before I start drawing. Please use PayPal.
-For more complex pieces (inks and colours or animations) I will send you a preliminary sketch. If you wish for me to make any changes, please specify, or I will do one complete redo if you wish.
-I will deliver the final product within 30 days of receiving payment. For quicker, easier commissions this can be as early as 72 hours after payment.
-Feel free to post the commission onto your deviantArt page as long as you credit me and post a link in the description to my channel.
-I may wish to showcase your commission on my own page, in which case I will ask your permission.

Thank you for reading the rules!
I Did A Mistaked by baratus93
da moral of the stoery is: don't

I probably broke an unspoken rule of etiquette for public image boards.
After drawing what you want for so long, this gives you an idea of what people actually want to look at.
Future uploads to derpibooru will now be more spaced out, if the whole of the internet isn't already rage-triggered by the mere sight of my OCs.
Time to expand my art repertoire and draw more than three different characters then, a-hyuk!


Okay better clarify what the hell this piece of crap art is about. I decided to upload my pony OC art onto derpibooru. In bulk. 38 drawings uploaded in the space of about an hour. This clearly pissed a few folks off who didn't like the look of my art the first time but then had to be subjected to my art continuing to flood the board (I know, the poor souls). So, they routinely downvoted each of my drawings as they were uploaded to dissuade me from continuing the assault, or because they didn't like me, I don't know. But like the stubborn, autistic little shit I am I did not relent until my task was complete. I feel a little bit ashamed of it now, as those downvote fairies left a permanent mark on my art which I see to be more a grim reminder of my mistake more than anything else. The first and last images were in the positive score however, so that clearly meant that they were okay after the first 3 or 4 uploads but got sick of it afterwards. Then they gave up, and the cuter pictures (Sky Weaver's cuteness appeared to be the saving grace here) seemed to appeal to more forgiving users who had only just caught the tail end of the massive art dump the image board was subjected to. All in all I don't regret putting my art up on the site, as I got a few nice comments and some folks favourited some of it, and the experience taught me a good lesson about HOW you choose to upload content onto a public image board, and an idea of what people on the site want to see - in this case, a slight bias against random OCs and more favouring of well-drawn canon ponies. Well, that's not too much to ask to shift the direction of my art towards. Live and learn!
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I don't know who will read this, or who will even care. But I'm going to write this anyway.

Every human being has the right to be treated like a human being.

Making fun of someone because of their beliefs to the point of causing them emotional harm is unacceptable.

In the Age of Information, and the Internet, there is no longer an excuse for hatred or intolerance based on fear or ignorance.

Over the past couple of years online I have met a lot of lovely people who are homosexual, bisexual or transgender. Every single one of them are human beings, and I think nothing differently of them because of their sexuality, but instead I simply see them as friends.

A person's sexuality is their own business, and if that somehow affects you for whatever reason, that's a problem you have, not them.

Society is changing faster than we realise. We should welcome the diversity and accept those who want to be different. We should empower their need for personal freedom, not quash it.

I dream that we can all get closer to a society that isn't so ass-backwards, and that anyone can live in this world without being afraid to express themselves.

The time for bigots, set in their centuries-old barbaric ways is coming to an end.

But we cannot simply will this new age of peace and love to be. We must fight. It will be long. It will get ugly as the world's ideals will clash.

But I will support those who wish to live as they choose, peacefully.

I cannot offer much but these words. I know it is miniscule in the efforts required to make a kinder and more loving world come about. But I pray that my words mean something.

Let them try to stop us, whether it be mockery, or some ridiculous legislation to dehumanise us further. The ones who show resistance are like frightened animals, trying to hold onto their dying values and traditions. They will not last long in this new age. They will be the losing side.

Summon up your strength and courage, my brothers, sisters, and everything in between. My prayers go with you.


You can look the other way
Or you can face the light
Although it seems so far away
Freedom's worth the fight

Rise up, be counted
Stand strong and unite
Wait for the outcry
Resistance is calling tonight
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Well, DeviantArt Journals are a thing, and I've got a knack for writing, I'm fanatically devoted to the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I'm never averse to giving my own opinion on things. These are all perfectly good reasons for me to start writing my thoughts on the new weekly episode!

So we start the episode with the girls gathering at what appeared to be a new setting, but paying closer attention, it was just Sugarcube Corner, which they took the back entrance into. I tried to surpress the urge to make a Breaking Bad joke when Pinkie Pie poked her out of the door. Then I laughed heartily at the sequence that took place with Pinkie Pie literally throwing her friends through the door, and pushing Applejack in, because come on, AJ would be too heavy to lift. Then shutting Rainbow Dash's face in the door. Then grabbing her and pulling her in. Oh yes. We are in for some fun times.

So it turns out that Pinkie Pie is going about her usual ADHD-in-a-meth-pipe energeticness preparing a nice welcoming LITERAL FUCKTON OF CANDY for her sister Maud Pie arriving in Ponyville that day. Rather sweet of her, I must say. (No pun intended.) It's also sweet of her to insist that the other five shove as much of it down their gobs as possible, so they can all agree that it tastes good enough for the frivolous funtimes in store for them all, over the one week course of Maud's stay. Thaaaaat's our Pinkie, alright. I for one would be happy to oblige, though in order to really put a dent in that enormous pile of mineral tastyness, I would have to skipped breakfast that morning. And possibly every meal the day before. Oh well, there are some golden opportunities you have to let slide. ROCKslide, even! *receives a boot to the head*

Commending the new writer, Noelle Benvenuti, for what was a pretty solid opening. Nice pacing, visual humor in spades... yep, serve me up some more of that good stuff please, madam.

So, roll that familiar opening sequence (featuring WOONA~) while the pile of rock candy is savagely attacked by five pastel-coloured candy-eating mares. Unfortunately for them, the rock candy proves to be made of tougher stuff (um, actual rocks apparently), and our mares are left defeated. Then Pinkie Pie brings in the other half of it. Genius.

Well, the other mares aren't particularly enthused about sampling any more rock candy. Rainbow Dash in particular has been affected with quite a prominent pudge there, which-- WAAAIT A MINUTE.

Pudge Up by baratus93


I mean, I'm not claiming to have invented fat Dashie - everyone knows Rainbow Dash Presents: My Little Dashie invented Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, but geez! What are the chances? It's practically the same pose, and nearly the same amount of pudge! Spoooky.

So, after a few minutes of build-up and anticipation, and the Pie sisters' super special rock candy necklace tradition is established, our heroines gather for the magical moment. Rarity has come with a suitably ridiculous hat for the occasion, continuing her role in the show as something to point and laugh at. Everypony is ready to share all the good fun times they can, as soon as Maud shows up. Not immediately, of course. Pinkie Pie has hopped ahead. But she'll catch up. Eventually. Just wait a bit. She's coming. There she is. That speck in the distance. That does not appear to be moving at all. But don't worry, she is moving. There's no doubt about that. She's just taking things at her own pace. A very slow and steady pace. Like a rock. Except with legs.

It is as early as this point in the episode where we see the centerpiece of Maud's character. She just does not exude a single fuck. And for this reason, she is amazing.

It's probably an odd, perhaps cynical part of myself that causes me to absolutely freaking love this character. How her complete lack of outward emotion juxtaposes the manic mannerisms of her sister is just so refreshing to me, and not just her, but everypony else, trying really hard to make the best first impression they can, putting all they've learned about love and friendship and expressing oneself and holding nothing back to the test. And here's Maud doing something equally good - being herself. In turn, bowling everpony over with just how different her approach is. Except Pinkie Pie, who seems completely unbothered. But she's Pinkie Pie, and it seems that she's taking a background role for most of this episode. Now THAT is something I can welcome.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Pinkie Pie, but she's been kind of incoherent and nigh-unbearable this past season. Especially some moments in Filli Vanilli left me feeling severely pissed off. Writers. Let's have Pinkie Pie actually having some character this season, rather than being a spaced-out, nightmarish squawking bitch that I would sooner punch with a train, okay? Good.

So the next part of the episode consists of the Mane Six getting to know what little there is that Maud Pie cares to share. She likes rocks. She owns a pet rock. His name is Boulder. (A little disappointed his name wasn't Baldur, the name of the Norse God, but that would have been interesting, and therefore out of character for ol' Maudy, so never mind.) She even ate a rock, in front of them. I think it's pretty clear that there isn't much else to this character. On the surface, anyway. And every pony is rather baffled at just how mundane she is, and despite their best efforts, things just didn't turn out as they'd hoped. Now I sort of feel for them there. I hate it when conversations with other people get awkward, or when there seem to be absolutely no talking points that take off. But mostly, throughout this scene, I seemed to be enjoying Maud's company as much as Pinkie was. Every benign, neutral statement she was making had me slapping my knee in merriment and shouting "I love it!" and "Oh, you're so right!" instead of listening to the dialogue. Okay, so she doesn't have much to offer in terms of philosophical debate, but come on, there's just some bizarre appeal to her apparent lack of depth. Without being outwardly hilarious herself, the sheer reaction that Maud causes from everypony else is what makes her awesome. Truly, she is the Anti-Pinkie Pie. Our saviour, in these dark times of high pitched squealing nonsense and hurting Fluttershy's feelings that one time. I'll let that go one day.

And yet there's more awesomeness from this character yet to come. The next few scenes involve Maud visiting each of the Mane 6 in turn, and, well, not really getting on as well as they had hoped. Every comedy duo needs a straight mare, and Maud played alongside each pony in her usual manner, creating a hilarious scene leaving the other pony feeling sort of awkward and Pinkie Pie praising her sister for how excellently she carries herself, a sentiment that I shared along with her. Especially in Rainbow Dash's scene. This is the other side to Maud that makes her even better. Not only is she stoic, she also happens to be a stoic badass, as her rocky snack from earlier seemed to suggest. This sequence was only 30 seconds long, but for me it was the best freaking moment in the whole show for a while now. And Season 4's been pretty rock solid so far. No pun intended. Hurling a rock about a mile and having it cause a nuclear explosion and a huge shockwave that rocks the whole of Ponyville is a feat that would bring Earthshaker to shed a single manly tear. The scene ends with Maud Pie admitting to Rainbow Dash that she didn't even care that she bested her, causing Rainbow Dash to give an utterly priceless reaction. I'd say you've been severely out-badassed today, Dashie.

So the other ponies are left pretty despondent because things with Maud didn't go so well. Hang on a second, what? How do you know that? Why didn't they just ASK Maud if she was having a good time? It was a little selfish of them all to take Maud's attitude so personally, and a little foolish if they thought of themselves as inadequate. There was some potential here for the moral of the episode to be to not judge Maud for how she appeared to be. Any good judge of character can say that just because Maud seems to give off no emotion or personality whatsoever, there's no reason to still like her anyway, or try to look beneath the surface. She didn't really get much of an honest chance, like what I may have given her. I would personally find her company and her rather unique personality very entertaining. But the girls have decided that there's no reason to do the super special rock candy necklace thing, which really seems to depress Pinkie Pie. Now hang on - why not do it? This brings me back to the point that the girls are really selling themselves and Maud short at this point, when there's really no need to. They could have asked Maud if she was happy enough to go through with it, or hell, even OKAY with it. No tradition, especially one to do with friendship, is too sacred to turn down. Why miss out? Still, at least this scene can outline the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

Well, never-the-less, this is apparently the direction that the episode is going in, and in a somewhat Merriweather Williams style story turn, the ponies (or Pinkie in this case) try to fix everything with a really drawn out and impractical plan. At least since this was Pinkie's idea I can kind of understand that the plan being stupid WAS the whole point, so points to Noelle on that. This scene even progressed very quickly - straight into a scene of both drama and action. In what appeared to be a callback to one of Merriweather Williams' stupid plans from last season, Pinkie finds her hoof stuck in the rock-slide (hur hur, like it was even funny when I did that pun earlier) but is in very real danger as the precariously teetering boulder of death starts rolling towards her. Okay, you know what, Pinkie? I'm over the Filli Vanilli thing. You brought this on yourself, but I'd still totally try to rescue you at that point.

Luckily, Maud Pie is there to do her third Badass Feat of Badassitude this episode as she proceeds to run like the wind, picking up a stylish pickelhaube along the way, and PUNCHING THE FREAKING BOULDER INTO GRAVEL. I CANNOT STRESS HOW AMAZING THIS MOMENT WAS FOR ME.

How to put it into words? My reasons for liking Maud Pie are very similar to my reasons for adoring Fluttershy, in that they are awesome on several levels at once. If Fluttershy didn't completely lose her mind, or suddenly gain a ton of courage to stand up to a massive threat every so often, I'd still love her for the adorable little creampuff she is. But the fact that she can turn the tide of a sticky situation (awkwardly combined metaphor) makes her all the more likeable, and can even make up for all the time when she's not pulling her weight, and even slowing the other ponies down because of this. Same thing for Maud. Her personality on the surface level seems to not have any depth. She may be even downright unlikeable for some folks. But these characters have an edge - a sort of Second Gear that kicks in only when all other options are exhausted. Say what you want about Fluttershy or Maud, but see how long you'd last in a life or death situation without either of these seemingly useless ponies saving your ass at a critical moment.

Phew, got carried away a tad there. Anyway, after yet another display of awesomeness, we get to see Maud's loving side as she hugs Pinkie, happy that now she's safe, and then rightfully reprimands Pinkie for the clearly nonsensical plan. (If you get your ear in, you can hear her almost expressing emotion!) But the episode's not over yet. Maud basically apologises for not meeting everypony's expectations and decides to depart for the rock farm. A pretty noble and selfless choice on her part, I have to say. But I still didn't think it was the best way to handle things. Pinkie Pie is pained to see her go and decides to go with her. Now that's a demonstration of their sisterly bond if ever there was one. Twilight catches on to this and sees that they finally have something in common. Well, took you lot long enough to notice! Not such a quick thinker, eh Twilight?

So next we see a very heartwarming scene of Maud and Pinkie bonding some more on the train ride back to the rock farm. And they're in for a surprise when the other mares show up, not wanting to miss out on the sentimental moment. Finally, Maud and the girls reach an understanding, and have amassed enough Friendship to please the Rock Candy Gods so they can undertake the rock candy necklace ceremony without being melted or exploded somehow.

The final word of the episode is that Pinkie and Maud trade candy necklaces, and while Pinkie Pie starts chowing down on hers right away, Maud simply puts it away in a box. Twilight asks Maud why she didn't eat it. Maud says she doesn't like candy. Okay, I'll admit. This moment had me slapping my forehead in exasperation, instead of my knee. So it turns out even Pinkie can't hold her interest. My guess is that she likes to hold on to them anyway, as a reminder of the bond they share. Something to cherish, rather than to eat and therefore destroy. And she's probably sparing her younger sister's feelings by not telling her. So, it's without a doubt that she doesn't mean anypony any harm, especially her beloved sister.

All in all, freakin' loved every moment of this new episode. Even if the ponies made a few dumb decisions which felt kind of off, the episode came together very nicely, with plenty of humor, heartening scenes, Pinkie being actually kind of tolerable and not being too distracting this time, and an awesome new character with a ton of depth and plenty more potential for the fandom to exploit. I mean explore.

Yep, Maud Pie was a rock solid episode. Pun bloody well intended.
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Welp, I've gone digital!

This morning, what would arrive in the post but my brand spanking new Intuos 3 Pro Medium graphics tablet!

So, what inspired me to get such a device? Well, a number of reasons:

Watching a few animation tutorials (that's right, folks, even animation Gods like myself need to be reminded how to be brilliant) I noticed that all the good animators use tablets for drawing, rather than a mouse, which is clumsy and crappy by comparison. Now, I've been cartooning for quite some time now, and using only a mouse, I've got surprisingly accurate with it. But I realised that since I have been developing my skills as a pencil artist on the side (if this webpage of mine is any indication thereof), I could easily streamline my animating by combining it with my drawing expertise.

So, after some brief market surfing, I found myself a good size-for-price model. Something that could fit on my desk, but have a drawing screen larger than a Post-it note. I think on balance, I got it right with this model. The drawing surface is about as big as my mousepad, but the whole device is a few inches larger still. It just about fits on my desk, but I have to put my keyboard to one side.

Right then, let's get right into it, shall we?


First Attempt Bleeg by baratus93

Bleeg! Oh goodness me, that won't do. Tell you what, why don't we try this again?

Second Attempt Much Better by baratus93

Ahhh, now THAT's more like it. Well hello Fill Bucket tool. What do you say you and I throw a splash of colour on this? Since we can totally do that now.

Cookie Pompom Portrait Tablet by baratus93

Aw yeeh. Next level arts, right here.

So, I've spent most of today just getting used to this thing and trying to optimise my drawing space. What I'm going with at current is having my keyboard sideways to the left of my tablet, using it for hotkeys (switching between brush, eraser, fill bucket, magic wand, what have you) and drawing with my right. Though when I can't be arsed to correct a few mistakes here and there, I'll just the mouse. A bad habit?

Well, the only thing I can say for certain is that I'll be getting a heck of a lot more use out of this tablet. I can't wait to develop my drawing and animating skills directly alongside each other. Heck, I've yet to use Flash with the tablet so far. Guess that's what I'm doing next, then! Wahey!

Tablet Questing, Begin again!!!

Tablet Fun 1 by baratus93