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My Bio

Yo! I'm Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog!

The world's fastest hero of Mobius and SEGA's famous mascot!

I'm much older compared to my skinny teenage years. <3

Grown muscle mass, workin' at my own nightclub, I'm a father of three wonderful children with my sexy brown sugar honey hog and I'm an exotic dancer! <3

Name: Olgivie Maurice "Sonic" Hedgehog

I only go by Sonic not Maurice or Olgivie just for legal reasons.

My Nicknames:

Mr. NeedleMouse

The Fastest Thing Alive

The Blue Blur

Big Blue (Rouge)

Lord of the Golden Rings

Knight of The Wind

Blue Streak

Speedy Gonzalez

Mr. Needle Mouse

Faker (Shadow)

Iblis Trigger (Silver)

Blue Nuisance (Dr. Eggman)

Babe, Sonikku, (Flare)

Big Bad Blue Daddy (Ivy the Wolf Fox)

Azul Cyclone (Stripper Name)

Steroids Sonic

Buff Sonic


Alien Hedgehog

Age: 15 (When I was a teenager)

(My real age is 29)

Gender: Male

Species: Mobian Hedgehog

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Foods: Chili Dogs, Protein Shakes, Steak, Strawberries, Blueberries, Sushi, ~<///3

Favorite Drinks: Cola, Wine, Protein Shakes, Milkshakes, Coconut milk,

Hair: Six long quills with lots of soft velvety fur

Sexuality: Bisexual (I love men and women. <///3)

Relationship: Married to CherryFlareBlitz <3

(April 7th, 2018)

Attire: Red hi-top sneakers with 24 carrot buckles on both sides

White gloves

A golden necklace with a ring in the middle with the Sonic font engraved at the top.

A wedding ring on his pinky finger.

Casual Attire: Denim Skinny Jeans with a crisp White Tank top along with Soap Shoes or red Hi-top Chuck Taylor's and PUMA sneakers.

Formal Attire: A sparkly white tuxedo with a blue rose pinned to his right pectoral underneath a pocket with black dress shoes with a silver belt buckles along with blue and white pinstripe button-up shirt.

Beach Attire: Speedos, Thongs, Sunglasses, Leather Jacket,

Personality: Goofy, Cocky, Friendly, Romantic, Charismatic, Friendly, Flirty, Chill, Sweet, Loving, Kind, Smart, Brave, Laid back, Sensual, and Coy

Body Type: Muscular and Tall with various soft furs.

NSFW Info:

#### Size: 7

13 when fully erect

##### Fur color: Royal Blue

##### Color: Royal Blue

####### Color: Blue and red

### Description: Warm and Sticky

Favorite Kinks:

Fur Color (s): Royal Blue and Sandy Tan

Abilities: Speed, Strength, (Spin Dash attack, Homing Spin Dash,

Transformations: Super Sonic, Dark Sonic, Hyper Sonic

Beefcake.EXE, Werehog Sonic (During in October)

Darkspine Sonic, Laser Sonic, Drill Sonic, Lighting Sonic,

Siblings: Manic (Brother)

Sonia: (Sister)

Azure: ( Middle Oldest Brother)

Queen Aleena (Mom)

Jules (Dad)

Sir Charles: (Uncle)

Crushes: (Lex), @RedFlareTomboy/ @CherryFlareBlitz

(Luke), RedGayBoi

(Ivy), HazardHellHound

RP Friends:

Diddy Kong: (In the Smash Bros. Universe) @buffbananaboi

Silver: SexyStrongSilver

Shadow: SwoleStudShadow

Knuckles: BeefCakeKnuckles

Tails: ThiccBoiTails

Irish: IrresistibleIrish

My Accounts

Fur Affinity:… (NSFW Warning!)

Twitter: (NSFW Warning!)

A Sonic the Hedgehog RP and Q and A account made by, HazardHellHound.

I can't believe that my baby girl is gone again...

I have to admit that I'm just that good looking but wha...

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Happy Chili Dog day. <3

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NiceFriendFromNorthHobbyist Digital Artist
Heya and how are ya?
BaraSegaSonikkuProfessional Artist

*I happily wave with a huge fanged toothed smile on my face* Hiya'! I'm doing pretty good during this sexy summer heat. <3

NiceFriendFromNorthHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy Macaroni! It's Big Bara Sonic, well I feel great, and wonderful to hear!
BaraSegaSonikkuProfessional Artist

*My quills were flaring up in the excitement and was making cute hedgehog noises*


Thank you for the faves. :D

DIXON-03Student Artist
Thanks for the fave!
BaraSegaSonikkuProfessional Artist

No problem. <3