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Herpetography issue 139

Today on Herpetography: Lycaenops ornatus 
Gorgonopsids were a very successful group of synapsids from the late Permian period. Dog-like in form, these saber-toothed predators could come in various sizes, the largest being the size of a polar bear. Lycaenops, one of the first discovered, was a coyote-sized animal that dwelt in what is now South Africa. The discovery of a certain coprolite (fossilized dung) from its age has proven that synapsids possessed in hair.
Picture taken at the American Museum of Natural History:

Avision issue 36
Today on Avision: Bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus)

Bearded vultures have a specialized diet of bones, but one can’t expect these large birds to simply eat an entire deer femur. What they do is lift up the bone with them and drop it down on a rock, in order to break it into smaller, more edible pieces, and to access to the marrow, the bulk of their diet. These vultures have variable coloration depending on their habits; those with the rufous feathers enjoy bathing in copper-rich mud.

Picture taken at Tallinn Zoo:
Mammalorama issue 87
Today on Mammalorama: Banded mongoose(Mungos mungo)

Mongooses are sociable carnivores. The banded mongoose, for example, lives in groups between 7 and 40 in number. They don’t have a strict hierarchy, but there seems to be a loose criteria based on age.

Picture taken at Zoo de Barcelona:
Herpetography issue 138
Today on Herpetography: Black spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura similis)

Medium-sized iguanas, such as this, are omnivorous, feeding on vegetation and insects. Although most species live in the Americas, some species live in Madagascar and certain islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Picture taken at Zoo de Barcelona:

Avision issue 35
Today on Avision: Chilean flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis)

Flamingos owe their pink color to their diet of microscopic red algae and crustaceans which have the pigments necessary for that coloration. In the early-mid 20th century, many European zoos tried to keep their water clean, but the flamingos were all white and colorless. If the water is allowed to become naturally murky, there will be those essential dietary elements to turn the gray juveniles pink. Some flamingos are pinker than others, the Chilean being quite white.

Picture taken at Barcelona Zoo:


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Baranguirus (true name secret)
An author of Kaiju, Castlevania, Pokemon, and Sonic art and animal photography, among other things.
Visit my alter ego Virastentacular for my more... peculiar... side:…



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