HowTo Install Wacom Graphire4 Tablet on Windows 10

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How to Install a Wacom Graphire4 (Graphire 4) Tablet on Windows 10

Trying to maximize the search engine searchability of this guide for the like... 20 of us around the world who still use this mid-2000s tablet, because it was AWESOME.

Despite what Wacom and plenty of the internet claims, the Graphire4 IS compatible with Windows 10 (I've successfully installed it on two different computers running different versions of Windows 10 - pre and post Creators Update), and you don't have to do anything complicated to get it running smoothly. However, you WILL need the installation disk the tablet came with. This is essential, as it won't work properly without the installation CD.


  • Your Graphire 4 tablet (unplugged)

  • CD/optical drive

  • Free USB port. If you're using an external optical drive, keep in mind that you'll need to have both the CD and the tablet plugged in at once at one point. If you're using a USB hub, do not use the hub for the tablet (you can use it for the CD drive and it will be OK); you should use a direct USB port for the tablet.

  • Graphire4 installation disk

  • This driver:… <-- official Wacom link


DO NOT PLUG YOUR TABLET IN YET. Only plug it in when the installation wizard tells you to do so.

Download the driver linked above but DO NOT RUN IT YET. If you do, it won't work properly.

If you have previously installed a Wacom driver, uninstall it and restart your computer.
To uninstall go to Windows Settings -> Apps and Features -> Programs and Features. Sort by Publisher and look for "Wacom Technology Corp" or similar. Uninstall all Wacom instances you see. Restart your computer.


  1. Turn off/pause your antivirus. The installation booklet tells you to do so, so this comes straight from Wacom.

  2. Plug in the installation CD. It won't run automatically; this is fine.

  3. In File Explorer / This PC, double-click the CD icon. This will run the installation utility.

  4. Select "Install Tablet." In one case, I got an error. If this happens, select Cancel, and start again. "Install Tablet."

  5. Go through the walkthrough.

  6. Plug in the tablet when it tells you to do so.

  7. At one point, it asks to install a driver, saying that Windows Vista (yes, even if you're running a more recent version, it says Vista) was not available when the tablet was made and that you can download the driver from the Wacom site. Pretend this is what you want to do and proceed accordingly; do not choose Skip.

  8. It will show you a map and ask you to select your region. I chose "Americas." This automatically opens your browser. It will show a blank page with text across the top saying that page is not found or may have been moved. That's fine. Now you're ready to install the right driver. DO NOT EXIT THE INSTALLATION UTILITY.

  9. Go to where you saved the 530-3 driver linked above (if your computer has a hybrid drive [HDD + SSD], save it onto the drive where your OS runs; Desktop should be fine). Right-click on "PenTablet_530-3.exe" and choose "Run as Administrator." Do not run it in compatibility mode or anything; just right-click, Run as Admin.

  10. Go through the driver installation wizard until it finishes.

  11. When it is done, go back to tablet installation utility screen and continue following instructions. You'll know it's done when it offers to walk you through how to work your tablet. You can review that if you want. When done, click on icon to Exit the setup utility. Eject the CD.

  12. Turn your antivirus back on.

  13. Follow [these instructions] inasmuch as possible (details vary depending on the version of Windows 10); do as many of the things mentioned in the infographic as you can. For example, with OS build 1807 you don't have the Flicks tab in the Pen settings window, so I had to skip that step. I didn't write this up; I don't know who did. I found it in [this tweet].

  14. If it doesn't work immediately, restart your computer to cement the changes.

And that's it! I hope you found this helpful. I know I went through a whole bunch of trial and error before I got to this method, but I've gotten it to work well every time. As I said, what they don't tell you elsewhere online is that you absolutely need the installation CD. Even if you have this driver, it won't work properly without the CD (tablet-to-screen spaces won't match, for instance).

If you also happen to be a Gimp user, read on for how to get the the program to recognize the tablet's pressure sensitivity (this goes for ANY Wacom tablet, even new ones). With only the steps above, your tablet will have been installed properly, but if you use Gimp, you may think it hasn't. It's not an issue with the tablet, but with Gimp itself. Below we will see how to fix this.


With some versions of Gimp, you need to manually change the settings so that the program recognizes a graphics tablet (of any brand and model). Follow this tutorial by Universal-Tiger and also do what's stated in "EDIT 3" in the description.

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Download link didn't work for me. Apparently the file has been removed from their europe ftp site and their website. I called Wacom this morning and asked their tech support if they could find the file for me. The file has been renamed to PenTablet_5.3.0-3.exe and is available on their japanese website.