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new year cards


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Very cute. I'd buy that.
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For me this was the best pic of "2011 year". People used just "cute bunnies without any information". I love your way to show everything from China (what this is based on), with the colors of the Chinese flag.
Cute, beautiful and complete ^^.
Bye o/!
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Bun buns :heart:
Joy, year of prosperity!
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Yay! I was born in the year of the rabbit! :D

So cute :heart:
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cute cuhbby bunny!
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Yay Happy New years.
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Cute and simple yet very intricate! Lovely.
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Excellent art, Bara-chan. Cute and beautiful design.
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the image isn't working :(
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strange, the thumbnail and print were working fine, but the deviation wasn't :|
i reuploaded it and it seems to be working now...
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Sweet; I can see it now! Was this part of a series? Also, I'm a sucker for hot reds and the primary triad, so this is just killer for me ^^
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not part of any series...yet! maybe i'll try to do more with each coming year, this one was fun :)
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I'd definitely like to see that ^^
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Same for me. I think DA is just being buggy as usual.
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such a cute bunny.... I just want to eat it all up!
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