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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has the lock on playing the classic #Pulp hero...…
"Okay.  You see that?  You see that there?  That sentence at comes in at the 10:22 mark of a 42 minute podcast?  That's your opening sentence. Your main character, protag or antag, is in the midst of, or has just finished, doing something.  Not a damned word preceeding that sentence of what is, supposedly, a horror story, provided any unique tension.  Not grandpa's suicide, not long dead uncle's curio shoppe, not how pretty and perfect servile Sarah is, noneof that needed to appear before Chelsea breaks a taboo."……

So, Carmen Bellaire came up with this pet project idea, and now a kickstarter is live for it, with 24 days to go!
A a big box & plastic pieces board game for 2-6 players across 3 game modes.
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Cirsova #5 & 6, $1 gets you 2 digital 'zines chock full of sci fi pulp adventure!
Covers by me & :iconkukuruyoart:!
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The Dralloween Blogspot calander has been released: And once again I'm fielding commissions for this!
Commissions are in Pencil, $20 on completion.
1 person per day, up to three characters (after that it gets really dicey on what I can actually draw in.)
You pick the day/theme,
You link the reference/name the character you'd like to see me draw
I draw whatever manages to get into my head, and post 1 drawing per day through October on here and my FurAffinity page!
You get a .tif version of the file

Currently about half the days are taken.  The current list is as follows:
04- Tentacle Tuesday LycanTiger  LycanTiger
06- Urban Legends Q99  Q99
07- What Lies in the Mist? etherious01  etherious01
10- DeMonday Vader120  Vader120
13- Thursday the Thirteenth Shirouzumaki  Shirouzumaki
15- Drive in Creature Feature Maverikat  Maverikat
16- Full Moon! SpiritofNomad  SpiritofNomad
17- Mad Science Monday daemionfox  daemionfox
19- WitchCraft Wednesday BoredKomix  BoredKomix
22- Bat-urday Scottmale24  Scottmale24
23- Superstition Sunday lomasderzumalos26  lomasderzumalos26
24- Mechanical Monstrosity duneari  duneari
26- They CAME from Outer Space! McCLaw  McCLaw
27- Call of C'thursday Necrobear  Necrobear
28- Ghosts A-Go-Go Linnaeus  Linnaeus
29- Black Caturday- Araghen  Araghen
31- Trick or Treat- Faeon  Faeon
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I'm "bar1scorpio" on Picarto, but only when streaming adults-only pages & art.
I'm Benjamin Rodriguez account #2212672 on Livestream…
and I'm also "bar1scorpio" on YouTube, and therefore, Google Hangouts, which would mean in addition to a chat room, people with mics could come on and chat with voice.

So which would you prefer I use more often?
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So far, okay, there's only three ideas to bid on, but I'll be adding more as I can come up with poses!
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Make sure to keep up with the majority drawings on my FurAffinity account!

I'm completing a drawing every day, though due to the nature of the commissions, most of them are going to be there because they're (a) Furry, and if not here, they're also likely (b) Adults-only.  Non-furry Adults Only work will also be going up on my Hentai-Foundry page.
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  • Reading: The Chaplin's War by Brad Torgerson
  • Watching: RiffTrax: Hawk the Slayer
  • Playing: Brave Frontier
  • Eating: A picnic burger
  • Drinking: Faygo Twist… <- This, is where it started...… <- Go to here to sign up if you have an FA account
I'll also run the list here - 

Rate $10 (Pay upon completion, this is a challenge special!)
Format - Pencil Sketched .tif/.pdf

1) Your Character
2) Date on the DRAWlloween Calendar you'd like (1 per day only!)
3) Clean, Risque, or Adults only (Rating may lower from Adults-Only due to sudden bolt of inspiration)

Commissions Roster:
Oct 2nd: :iconrajanwolffang: "Better Homes & Goblins"
Oct 3rd: :iconschnookums: "Spider-Day"
Oct 4th: :iconSpirit_of_Nomad: "Mansions & Manors"
Oct 5th: :iconxeroprime: "Mutant Mayhem"
Oct 7th: :icondarkmesna: "Vampire Vensday"
Oct 8th: :iconbobert: "Urban Legends"
Oct 9th: (Anon) "Demons & Devils"
Oct 11th: :iconq99: "Swamp Meet"
Oct 13th: :iconshirouzumaki: "Tuesday the Thirteenth"
Oct 14th: :iconstoneman85: "Wizarding Wednesday"
Oct 15th: :iconmajike: "I Came, I ChainSaw, I Conquered"
Oct 17th: :iconboredkomix: "Black Caturday"
Oct 19th: :iconlinnaeus: "Monster Mayhem"
Oct 22nd: NecroBear "Tentacle Tuesday"
Oct 24th: :iconmaxx001: "Flying Saucer Day"
Oct 25th: :iconfaeon: "Pumpkin-Palooza
Oct 27th: :iconMaverikat: "Beware the Full Moon"
Oct 28th: :icondariuswhitefur: "World Of Witchcraft"
Oct 29th: :iconmcclaw: "Ghosts A-Go-Go"
Oct 31rst: :iconWelTall84: "Trick or Treat!"
  • Listening to: Elvira: Two Big Pumpkins
  • Reading: The Chaplin's War by Brad Torgerson
  • Watching: RiffTrax: Hawk the Slayer
  • Playing: Brave Frontier
  • Eating: A picnic burger
  • Drinking: Faygo Twist…
And I'll be streaming more thoughout the night after dinners as well.
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Latenight, so quiet mic, but I'll type into chat ifanyone wants to talk.
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  • Reading: John Adams by David McCullough
  • Watching: The Giver
  • Playing: Brave Frontier
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Okay, so sci-fi/action author Michael Z. Williamson (aka, "Mad Man Mike") came up with the great hashtag #IStandCorrected to make.. some utterly hilarious and completely inappropriate puns.  And here's my contributions - 

The most effective wizard spell is not "Ecksellvee Parabellum Hollowpointius" ‪#IStandCorrected

Contrapposto is not a militant noodle. ‪#IStandCorrected

"Haunted Attraction" doesn't imply an awkward sexual relationship with a ghost. ‪#IStandCorrected

The Hybernian Society is not in continuous war with Thulsa Doom and his Serpent Men. ‪#IStandCorrected

A meat freezer and a wood chipper are not appropriate wedding gifts. ‪#IStandCorrected

Vincent Price never starred in a porno titled, "The Abominable Dr. Vibes" #IStandCorrected

"TagaloNg" is not a language spoken by Filipino Girl Scouts. #IStandCorrected

"Battered Women" is neither a new foodstuff available at the State Fair, nor a kink involving Pancakes. #IStandCorrected

The #IceBucketChallenge is not about supporting Guantanamo Bay. #IStandCorrected

American students are not going to be taught Cockney English as part of the Common Cor, Blimey! Standards. #IStandCorrected

The most important political office in Japan is not: "Student Council President". #IStandCorrected

Tyler Perry is not responsible for a series of movies starring Medusa. #IStandCorrected

eLixir is not my one-stop online shop for all my patent medicine needs. #IStandCorrected

"MRAs" are not plastic wrapped meals for soldiers. #IStandCorrected

Having summer allergies doesn't mean I'm being oppressed by the Haytriarchy. #IStandCorrected

A person with a Screw Loose is not helped by giving them a shot of vodka in orange juice. #Mixology #IStandCorrected

An apron reading "Kiss the Cook" does not mean Gene Simmons is making me dinner. #IStandCorrected

"Of Human Bondage" stars Bette Davis, not Bettie Page. #IStandCorrected

When a woman complains, "Chivalry is dead.", she's not hinting for me to light her thatched roof on fire, steal her livestock and throw a dead animal down her well. #IStandCorrected

"Purity Balls" are not Wiccan cleansing amulets given as housewarming gifts. #IStandCorrected

The song "Peggy Sue" was not an ode to a girl with an intimidating habit involving "Marital Aids". #IStandCorrected

Heretics who did not believe in the doctrine of transubstantiation were not executed in a LollardPalooza. #IStandCorrected

"Turkish Delight" does not refer to how much fun their prison guards get to have. #IStandCorrected

An"MS relationship" does not imply you're dating a girl from Mississipi. #IStandCorrected

Special Forces don't cover their faces with a Baklava no matter how sweet a mission it is #IStandCorrected

#BeerCanChicken is not archaic gay slang for a minor who wants alcohol #IStandCorrected

Spike Lee is not a Hong Kong action director. #IStandCorrected

There is no party toy store named LMFAO Schwartz. #IStandCorrected

"The Road to Serfdom" is not a set of directions to the beach" #IStandCorrected

The "Big Johnson" line of t-shirts do not celebrate an English Playwright. #IStandCorrected

A Friend who shaves their head when you're undergoing cancer treatment is not a Chemo Sabe. #IStandCorrected

  • Listening to: Wednesday the 13th
  • Reading: John Adams by David McCullough
  • Watching: The Giver
  • Playing: Brave Frontier
  • Eating: Herrs Salt & Pepper potato chips
  • Drinking: Apple Cider… Well, okay, this event link should work.. .

Okay, might work.  But it's for the finished, as opposed to the live.

Okay, if not, search "PitW" and it should come up.  Which should also work in the future, once you're watching my channel.

I'll also be uploading this to YouTube eventually, I think, as the folks managed to keep by rambling nearly the entire time, and I might be using this platform to do more.  - 
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Okay, I'm becoming a ready fan of this show.  Steady mix of different comedians, rapid-fire zingers, and most importantly, the Hashtag Wars.  I'm bar1scorpio on twitter as well, and routinely joining in on @ midnight's  nightly Hashtags.  #RuinAKidsMovie #RejectedThemeParkRides, #RuinAVideoGameCharacter really digging these.
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Overdue to do it, too.… I'll be editing pitW on Thursday, June 12th, 8pm.  (Given I'm not up at Palladium drawing something by hand in their studio.  Last couple of weeks it was taking me forever to finish even the most basic drawing for a PitW page, and there were several pieces I just did for the upcoming Megaverse in Flames.

In other news, loved Edge of Tomorrow.
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  • Drinking: Water…;
I'll be working on some more PitW publicly.

And.. actually listened to some of this SpiderMan: Turn Off The Dark.

Between that, and Sony, I really think nobody has any idea what to do with this character.
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From 8-11 est tonight I'll be scanning in page 329 of Peter is the Wolf!…;
Meanwhile, Kris Overstreet will be playing music on the program KWLP!
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Okay, first off, here's them link -… You'll need to join it on Facebook, I haven't upgraded (yet).  And tomorrow night, either 8 or 9pm EST, I plan on doing a second one.  Really liked how the first session of me editing PitW pages went.

So, if you've any questions you'd like me to answer wile streaming, maybe comment them here?   And I'll answer them as I get to them during the stream and not have so much dead air like I did in the first one!  I'll draw, I'll talk, I'll try to inform & entertain as I work.

I'm doing this tomorrow because I took the night off from work.  But I'm also planning to make a regular feature out of doing it on Wednesday nights, while :IconRedneckGaijin spins tunes on KWLP on  So you'll all be able to make it a night. ^_^
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Saw Frozen in theaters.

Listened to the first two Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks.

We're overdue for a crossover.  Rule 34.

Because up here in the North, Winter just CAME.
Also- Sandor Clegane's rendition of Stone Soup would be a LOT more honest, but you still wouldn't want him reading it to your children.
GoT has a child mortality Rate rivaled only by that of Little House on the Prairie.

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Peter is the Wolf Book 2: Living in the Doghouse (The PG-13 version) is looking for crowdfunding via IndieGogo…
  So if you like the webcomic, and would like to support our works, now you can get something back for your troubles - including buying your way into the comic!

In other news, I'll be at the Detroit Fanfare and YoumaCon again in October of course.  And that of course means that I'm doing a bunch more mascot art right now.  And Northern Gun Book One should be out soon!  As soon as da bossman & the writers are done statting out a TON of new droolworthy mech's and gear & goodies that C. Walton drew.
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